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October 21, 2013

A Pastoral Scenario for Today

Cindy A. Rose

It was with great frustration and anger I tendered my resignation from the “Grand Old Party.” It left me long before I left it. Actually I may have never belonged to the Republican Party that ended slavery and segregation.


I’m not sure when the change occurred. I was like a sheep, following blindly the shepherd I had elected. I wish I was paying closer attention.


Unlike my generation and the generations before me, I am optimistic the younger people, the debt burdened heirs of the free spending generations, will reach this conclusion decades before we did.


Society needs altruism and dreamers, but someone has to become the adult in the room and it’s fallen to them.


The human being, I think, is more prone to acts of charity than selfishness. At the same time they are not divorced from their genetic programming of “survival of the fittest.” Politicians have learned the art of pitting one against the other.


At what point in an honorable man’s career does the power corrupt the altruistic and replace it with narcissism? At what point does serving man, fade to the background of serving self?


Whatever that time frame is, that’s the amount of time politicians should be allowed to remain in office, then sent packing before the “dark side” of human nature replaces the light.


I think the younger generations are waking up to the reality that they are the ones who will be on bended knee, asking China for “a little more time.” We older people have long ago left the table, fled to the bathroom after sliding the bill toward our children.


We got Woodstock, free love, disco balls and smoking dubees at the drive-in, making out with our best guy/girl worrying over….well….nothing actually. Generationally, we didn’t worry over anything. We thought about what we were going to do to earn a living; but did we “worry” over it? It was something that happened naturally.


Despite their portrayal in Jay Leno’s “Man on the Street,” most of our youth are not that stupid. Thankfully they, unlike us, aren’t devoted to news from the “Old Guard” turned lap dog. Little by little they are learning that the rhetoric of liberal media isn’t matching their realities.


They have worries. Play time has come to an abrupt halt for them. They’ve reached adulthood decades before life forced us to. Yes, they have worries, real ones: “Where will I get a job?” “How will I afford my own apartment?” “How will I pay mandated healthcare?” “Why will my children be born already in debt, owing taxes to the United States Government?”


While the dreamy eyed, utopian-guided college professors taught our children courses in Canine Behavior to learn why dogs bark, to Virtual People to learn why an attractive avatar is crucial to social media networking, their parents were busy giving freebies to everyone with a sob story. Now the bill is coming due.


Our young are realizing it’s “their” money our leaders keep giving away. That may have been well and good for their parents, who kept saying yes, and yes, and yes and yes. But our young are getting that queasy feeling you get just before something bad happens.


I think the perfect storm has finally arrived. We’ve all realize the bank account is empty. The leaders who helped shepherd us to this place have and continue to depart with wallets so fat they need Switzerland to hold them.


We learned too late, but I think our young have seen behind the façade of Congress and the White House and found little honor there. They’ve seen something we couldn’t be bothered with.


The children of the sheep have seen the shepherd is a fox.


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