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October 18, 2013

A Letter of Apology to My Children

Joe Charlebois

The events of this past month have reinforced for me that the probability of my generation turning back the encroachment of the federal government, and in particular the inability to check the power of the executive branch, will regrettably fall into your hands.


As you four have learned over the past few years, the founders established a system where the federal government has three distinct branches with very distinct responsibilities. I’m sorry to say that the system the founders established bears little resemblance to the chaos that we call Washington today.


I am so sorry that I was unable to do anything more to stop the federal government’s takeover of your education. Our U.S. senators and local congressman believe in an all-powerful government and not the rights of the citizen as the Declaration of Independence and Constitution intended.


I am so sorry that I was unable to stop the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. As this law becomes part of the bureaucracy, it will forever negatively affect the delivery of healthcare as you have known it in your lifetime. If you are ever forced into the government exchanges, you will pay more and receive less than the free market would provide. You will be forced to work longer hours to pay for healthcare with higher deductibles to see an ever decreasing number of qualified physicians who participate with the government’s plan.


I am so sorry that I can do nothing to stop the growth of the federal bureaucracy’s power. The bureaucracy – meaning the agencies of the government – is the body of unelected government employees who continually write regulations and mandates – with the power of law – that control the aspects of your daily life despite the fact that they have no legislative power to do so.


I am so sorry that you are growing up in an America that is making you pay for nearly $16 trillion dollars of wasteful spending in just the past 31 years.


I am so sorry that your generation will be entering a workforce that’s only growth has been in part-time jobs. Put yourself in a position to gain full employment.


I am sorry that you will not have the same number of opportunities that my generation did, but remember there are always opportunities – make the best of them.


I am sorry that our “leaders” were more interested in preserving power and playing political games instead of cutting spending to adhere to our federal budget. I hope that in the future your generation of elected officials do what is right, not what is convenient.


I am so sorry that you are growing up in an America where our elected leaders don’t believe that it is exceptional. I believe America is the greatest nation in the history of this world; you should too.


I grew up in an era of the bicentennial celebration, the emergence of patriotic pride in the early ’80s and knowing the reason people came to America was because of freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble and the freedom to succeed no matter what your station in life. Unfortunately all of these freedoms are being diminished. I pray that you are strong enough to stand up to arbitrary infringements on your God-given rights. I pray that your speech won’t be stifled; the way you worship is not directed by a government mandate; that if you ever dissent you will be able to assemble or march; and I pray that you succeed despite the limitations of the federal government and their burgeoning bureaucracy.


I pray that you will elect leaders that truly believe in separation of powers and the limited power of the executive branch. I pray that your generation of elected officials realize that they are but temporary representatives of the citizens, that they are hired to carry out our wishes.


What I witnessed this week was disheartening. A group of legislators who stood up and said enough-is-enough were summarily pushed aside by the political elites of both parties.


Kids, there are good people elected to office that do care about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, but they are small in number. My hope is that your generation will find many more like-minded individuals to fight for your individual rights, or we are destined to follow in the footsteps of the failed European socialist experiments of the last half century.


Remember; always fight for your individual rights and freedoms. Once gone they may never return.


Love Dad


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