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October 14, 2003

Can't Recall An Election Like That One!

John P. Snyder

Californians made an unambiguous statement last week regarding the operation and direction of their state government. A similar refrain was heard last year in Maryland.

The arrogant, elitist, and dominant liberal socialist Democrats that ran California disconnected themselves from the vast majority of voters. Government became an insiders’ game played by government employee unions, wacky environmentalists and the race hustlers.

Excluded, shamefully, were the rest of the citizens, who paid the bills via their taxes.

The returns were shocking. The election garnered the highest turnout for any state race.

In a state that has been, of late, dominated by Democrats, 62% of the voters voted for either Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tom McClintock, both Republicans. They received 30% of the Black vote.

Old Cruz Bustamonte, a dead ringer for Mr. Cogswell, former boss of George Jetson, he of cartoon fame, received just 32% of the vote. This in a state that was considered locked upped for the Democrats.

As predicted, Gray Davis becomes only the second governor ever in the U.S. to be recalled.

On display during the shortened campaign was some of the most flagrant hypocrisy ever encountered. Last minute stories revolving around Mr. Schwarzenegger’s apparent groping of females had the feminists in a purple rage. These same characters didn't whimper even a little bit when Bill Clinton's antics became known.

I saw a campaign rally for Gray Davis in which he called for the prosecution of Arnold for sexual harassment. On stage with him was the former president, Bill Clinton. Anyone else would be somewhat embarrassed. Not these Democrats.

How does a state’s revenue rise by 30% and still have a big ($38 billion) deficit? Who knows?

But when you have a state government ruled by big spending liberals, who face no loyal opposition, well, as they say, there’s your trouble.

Raising car taxes by a factor of three is indicative of a governor who believes he will have it his way as long as he serves. Gray Davis did it, without remorse.

Newly elected Governor Schwartzenegger, for all we know, may be a Bill Clinton on steroids.

He apparently gained the confidence of Californians just by slowing the pace of out-of-control state spending. It made him friends. Bob Ehrlich did the same thing in Maryland last year.

As for the possibility of Democrats winning the White House next year. Think California's in the bag?

Not so fast there, fellas.

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