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October 15, 2013

Bulletin: Shame on the Politicians

Harry M. Covert

In a moment of facetious pique, it was suggested that the ‘Current Occupant’ of the Executive Branch declare martial law because the nation is in a State of Emergency.


Admittedly it was twitted by this correspondent that such action may be warranted. To the chagrin of many, it was not proper for a representative democracy to take such action.


Okay, the time has come to close out all of the philosophy about health care, the debt ceiling and personality and personal differences.


The government shutdown can be described nothing short of stupid, ignorant and strictly a publicity stunt that not only hurts government workers and ancillary businesses but the entire American population.


I admit borrowing Garrison Keillor's description of President George W. Bush as the "Current Occupant" and "W" as often described by Maureen Dowd, columnist of The New York Times. Both elegant writers.


The current crowd likes to think of themselves as the new patriots. Frankly, they are an embarrassment to the nation and those heroes of the American Revolution in Boston Harbor.


It's one thing to stand on issues and beliefs. It's another attempting to destroy the country. That's exactly what the new crowd is doing. They started by infiltrating the traditionalists of the Grand Old Party and threatening them.


Yes, the majority of citizens want fewer taxes on all levels, small government – the federals, states and localities. However, the way Americans change is at the ballot box. This may sound somewhat trite at this point. In every election cycle term limits are available.


I can't imagine a MacArthur leading troops against the Congress. This time it would be something to see. I can't see the first and foremost director of G-Men having his agents slip to the homes of rascal Congress members in the dark of the night to handcuff and blindfold them for a flight to Area 51, Nevada, where they would stay until the deadlock was settled.


Of course, this would make a nice fictional story for television, the return of "24," "Return of The Sopranos" or "The Godfather Four."


The infection of the tea partiers is not going to destroy the 50 states, but it will make the majority of American voters lose serious interest in legislators.


Some conversation is making the rounds that the current occupant can invoke the 14th Amendment and raise the debt limit without Congress. Advisors and others suggest this would work but don't want to trigger any impeachment activities.


Lots of people want to say "they'll solve this government shutdown" at the last moment. For sure, the backlash is going to be quite harsh. Political operatives will be doubling their efforts to change public opinion in time for the 2014 elections. Oh, yes, there's a coming presidential process.


Now the latter is scary, frightening and without any possible appealing candidates piquing interests. No heroes out there, no one in the wings and no tea drinkers to protect the future.


A "breaking news" bulletin has just interrupted this writing. The two houses of Congress supposedly may have reached a deal. What's really taken so long? Has it been for the good of America or for the good of the politicians?


Shame on them all for such irresponsibility.


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