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October 10, 2013

Death by Politics

Patricia A. Kelly

Yes, we’re sick of hearing about funding or not funding the government, and raising or not raising the debt ceiling, not to mention some of the most inflammatory rhetoric we’ve heard in a long time, almost unbelievably rude and hostile statements among members of the same government.


“Holding the government hostage,” “Holding a gun to the president’s head,” “Terrorist behavior,” an invitation to the White House to be told there will be no negotiations until both spending and debt limit are passed…none of this is conducive to developing negotiating spirit among the parties. It’s actually shocking.


Unfortunately, our president, who did not, no matter what he says, receive a mandate in the last election, does have the votes to get away with his nasty, unstatesmanlike behavior.


Republicans, for their part, are making a big mistake in attempting to tie continued government spending to defunding the Affordable Care Act. They don’t have the votes, for one thing, and this infamous legislation is the law, for now, no matter how flawed.


One could say the same for raising the debt ceiling. It must be raised, period, end of story. Creating melodrama throughout the world serves no real purpose.


Rep. John Boehner (R., OH) has been a good Speaker of the House. He has a huge problem in attempting to please all elements of the Republican Party, who, by failing to define their core values and work as a united front, are shooting themselves in the foot, and allowing themselves to be made targets for the left. His primary failure, if any, is that he hasn’t sat them all down in the woods someplace to explain to them that uniting around core values is the only hope for achieving any conservative goals in our country.


It may make individual congressmen feel good to pander to extreme elements in their constituency, or to publicly support their social values, but it does nothing to improve our bloated, overspending, freedom-limiting, and heading-toward-socialism government.


Has no one realized that every Republican effort is twisted beyond imagination by the left and its outstandingly creative media interpretations? A pro-life stand becomes part of a “War on Women.” Attempts to create fiscal responsibility become robbing the poor and needy, and abandoning the elderly.


Instead of creating drama and making themselves larger targets, Republicans should be using events such as these spending deadlines as their own teaching opportunities.


As these measures are passed, people should be informed – in no uncertain terms – the legacy their government is offering them in terms of wasteful spending, debt and excessive, unjustified regulation. Obamacare will make our medical system worse, in my view, because it never realistically addresses the cost and wasteful spending issues that underlie our system’s current problems. That will be the only possible time to repeal or fix it.


This would be a really good time for conservatives to reach out to Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, female Americans, gay Americans, and other minority groups, and make them aware that the story they are being told about the threat of conservatism is false. It’s the government doling out money at its discretion, on its terms, to those it feels like supporting that is the real threat. It is patronizing. It’s the reliving of the parable of the Loaves and the Fishes. There’s always a price; and, in this case, it is loss of freedom and loss of initiative, not to mention potential insolvency. This is the true violation of America’s core values.


So, get off it, people! Do your jobs. Pass the spending measures, oh ye conservatives. And get over the social things you’ve lost. That doesn’t mean change your beliefs. It means make right what you can make right. Create a realistic budget.


Stop running with scissors, Mr. President. Your mommy might have let you get away with it, but it’s time to grow up, learn a few things, and play nice. We can see what you’re doing, and it doesn’t make you look one bit like a big boy.


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