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October 8, 2013

No Tail Wagging the Dog

Harry M. Covert

In the land of liberty, majority votes still count. It continues to be a major impertinence that the tail still wants to wag the dog making traditional life uncomfortable and unnecessary.


Most people, and not just the Greatest Generation, love and respect the nation and are proud to salute the flag, stand at attention and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.


To allow one person – or a few more – to deny the privilege in public meetings is anathema to the good of the communities.


Frederick County offers the perfect example of one wanting to stop honorable and proper dignity to meetings. Last week, a squabble erupted when the county's Human Relations Commission agreed, despite objection, to reciting The Pledge to open meetings.


Compliments to the Board of County Commissioners for agreeing to open meetings with the recitation. The next step should be to eliminate the commission. It's certainly not needed.


Just because a few people may think it improper to honor the nation, there is no reason to prevent others standing at attention in homage.


There are those who like to think they're the enlightened crowd.


In times past students in public schools, and private ones, too, began each day reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. We were just as enlightened as some like to think they are today. These were before and after the words “under God” were included.


Never, and I mean never, from elementary through high school, did anyone ever object to getting off their hind parts, placing right hands over their hearts and facing the American flag at the front of the classroom.


These words may not be popular with some. It does get more than irritating when minority opinions like to reach up and bite us all in the posterior.


Never, and again I mean never, from those days did anyone refuse to say the Lord's Prayer. None of those students ever went to jail or were arrested for stealing, robbing or participating in other felonious events.


The point of all this is rather simple. Those who prefer no pledges or oaths don't stand up and don't participate. Those who don't like various publications, radio and television shows and or commentators, don't read them, listen or watch.


Whichever churches don't meet your desires, find one that does or just stay home.


Those who disagree with team names on whatever sports level don't watch or support them.


Remember, the Bible, whichever preferred version, doesn't call humans to stupidity. Those who live fearful lives are doomed to failure.


Sensitivity is a good thing to the unenlightened, but the unenlightened shouldn't over rule the majority.


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