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As Long as We Remember...

October 8, 2013

I Left My Droid at Snoqualmie Falls Part 1

Earl 'Rocky' Mackintosh

Well, it had to happen eventually. Seems that in my less than organized life, misplacing things is often more the norm than not.


My typical morning finds me kissing my bride of 38 years goodbye and then happily walking out of the house without my wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, my hot cup of brew or my car keys. With the exception of the latter, it is not unusual for me to discover the missing as I get to the end of my driveway (or further).


With a quick about face and re-entry though the kitchen door, the routine has become so familiar that Nancy now greets me with a sarcastic smile and her regular question: "What is it this time?"


My typical work day is full of outside appointments...and, well, yes, I will often repeat my morning routine of leaving something behind at the office. Chuckles for my predictable routine are not limited to home!


You'd think I'd learn...but such is the life of a commercial real estate broker who loves his work so much that he tries to cram too much into each work day.


I love my vacations just as much, but with less stuff on my mind it seems that managing physical stuff should make it easier.


It was in September of 2012 that Nancy and I attended a wedding in Chicago, that I learned how to track my missing iPad using Apple's clever "Find My" applications...And what a story it was.


Hiking is one of my things, and it was about eight years ago that I lost my wallet on a trek up Mount Greylock along the Appalachian Trail in northwestern Massachusetts…As frustrating as it is, after awhile I guess one is supposed to just get used to misplacing things.


This year we journeyed into the Canadian Rockies and experienced the wonders of Alberta, tromping into the beautiful snow covered mountains of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper.


While others in our group enjoyed nature walks and float trips, my mission was to trek up the crest of a few peaks. Atop the Big Beehive the aqua blue color of Lake Louise glistened in the sunlight with its fabulous Fairmont Hotel as a creamy speck at 7,500 feet in elevation.


Whistlers Peak offered extraordinary views of the small town of Jasper nestled in the valley below along the Bow River with a backdrop of grey-faced mountains rising over 8,000 feet above the tree line.


All along the way, I snapped pictures with the camera that is built into my smart Droid cell phone.


There were warnings of grizzly bear along the trail, but more so for the bull elk. Now in the midst of rut (mating) season the warning was that a male will jump at the chance to gore any intruder in order to protect his harem.


Alas, my only brush with wildlife along the switch backs was that of a timid Spruce Grouse pecking at a mushroom, that just ignored me as I tiptoed past.


With my Forrest Gump days in the Rockies over, we flew on to Vancouver, British Columbia, for a full day of urban hiking...only leaving one item behind: A ball cap I bought on the Dominican Republic that was to "Dye Fore."


Our next destination was Seattle, Washington, where I and several other locals were to attend a national industry conference for Frederick Mutual Insurance Company for which I have had the privilege to serve as a director for 23 years.


Ah, but I digress (as my friend Farrell Keough often states).


I promise to get back on track in the second and final episode of this adventure of mishaps!


Mr. Mackintosh is president of MacRo, Ltd., a Land and Commercial Real Estate firm based in Frederick, Maryland. He also writes for his blog MacRo Report.


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