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As Long as We Remember...

October 10, 2003

The Good, The Bad and The...

David 'Kip' Koontz

This week Mayor Jennifer Dougherty experienced the highs and lows of serving in public office.

The week started off with the police announcing they found no evidence of wrongdoing in the leaking of papers and letters concerning the dismissal of Jeffrey Reedy from the Weinberg Center.

Months ago it was consider the crime of the century.

Now, it is simply, according to the states attorney's office, a case not worthy of prosecution.

Months ago, Herzonner claimed that the documents were stolen from a locked office in City Hall that had been broken into.

Hmmm, guess there is no proof of that.

This seems to be one of those matters where the question can be asked, "Will we ever know the truth?"

After all, the mayor accused someone of breaking into City Hall and stealing documents.

Now, according to a quote from Lt. Tom Chase: “Elements of the case did not fall within a violation of any criminal statute."

So was there no break-in after all?

Maybe we will be left thinking that maybe it was some sort of inside job, or that maybe the papers were simply and inadvertently, or not, left out to be found.

Whatever the outcome, Herzonner expended a lot of energy and time on accusations that may have created ill will with some involved on the Weinberg board and with the community in general.

It doesn't look good when you make such charges and they don't stick.

However, for Herzonner, the week ends on a pretty good note - the plans for development along Carroll Creek were unveiled.

One campaign pledge Herzonner is following through on is getting development along Carroll Creek moving.

It is.

If all goes according to plan, in 2007, the now cement slab that abuts Carroll Creek will have been transformed beautifully into a veritable wonderland.

According to plans there will be shade trees, public art, walkways, bike paths, an amphitheatre, art, paddleboats, water jets and a pond on which one can sail one's model boat.

I have always joked about creating the Frederick Yacht Club, now since this is supposed to allow us to have "mini-regattas," maybe the idea will gain momentum.

But I digress.

These amenities will blend harmoniously with the shops, offices, residences, restaurants and cafes that will adorn the banks of the creek.

The plans are very good and movement on this is very good - too many years have passed and development is long overdue. Let’s hope that they can just find the right ways to pay for it.

Two sides of Mayor Jennifer Dougherty were on view this week.

One shows how hostile and vindictive she can become when things do not go her way - the "it's my way or the highway" mayor.

And two, the mayor who has shown us that when committed to a concept she has the ability to do what it takes to implement an effective plan that will ultimately help the city and its residents.

You have to wonder if she is doing the right things now, or is she going to continue doing things “her way” that may well “leave her up a creek without a paddle.”

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