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October 1, 2013

Honest Politicians? Read On . . .

Harry M. Covert

The wireless blared, "knuckleheads in the news." As the good people expressed various concerns about a federal government shutdown, it wasn't an attempt at humor at the expense of the national electeds.


Pardon this lapse. It was the radio reporting the story – a police impersonator trying to rob an undercover cop. A blockhead?


The practicality must be considered. Not every citizen living on earned Social Security monies at this point in their lives follows the daily craftiness of political minions.


It is important to have a hearty belly laugh now and then when the frank worries flood hearts and minds.


A correspondent wrote: "We have the red states, the blue states and now a yellow Congress."


That's not nice. In sports competition at all levels, game officials calling infractions must refer to culprits as "gold" then their number. They must be sensitive.


Finally, in this day and age, those in the journalism dodge have risen in public standing, thankfully ahead of the maligned used car proprietors and members of Congress. The latest poll says the latter is now at the bottom of public opinion. No surprise there.


Just think of how DNA has been extraordinary in finding criminals and proving many innocent. Marvelous, terrific or any other powerful description.


In the present DNA could be used describing congressmen and women and their acolytes to Don't Know (sic) Anything."


The DNA definition is short for deoxyribonucleic acid. Nucleic acid is the genetic material determining the makeup of all living cells and many viruses. Probably more than is needed at this point.


No more scientific stuff here today.


As these words are strung together crystal ball gazers, pundits (not a bad word) and those considered political experts for whatever reason don't have the final words or votes.


All is not lost. Look around. During the past weekend, seems like every college football stadium was filled to capacity as were each professional football venue, and most baseball parks. Maybe the most important news facing the country involves the sporting communities.


Name-calling is not a good thing but there are several important aspects of daily living: the sun keeps rising, private enterprise is booming and advertisers still boast creams and pills for living longer, looking younger and other miracle inducements.


This space should always be reserved for good and proper comments on all aspects of the community.


Humor is always at the expense of someone else. It's probably not nice to refer to members of Congress as knuckleheads. They certainly are not. They are selfish and self-serving.


Let's take stock for a moment and recall what many humorists, wags and fund-raisers have said: "An honest politician is one that when bought they stay bought."


So, with deference to Mr. Winchell, ". . . Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea. Let's go to press!"


More to come.


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