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September 27, 2013

The Chigger’s Alive, The Deadline Looms

Harry M. Covert

It's a fearful thing to get all excited by the scary antics taking place at First Street SE, in Washington. Those who dare can visit the historical facilities called the United States Capitol.


The current session is called the 113th and Americans are waiting with bated breath to learn if the legislative wizards will shut down the government.


According to some friendly correspondents:


·       "There's no way they'll shut down."


·       "There are stop-gaps in place. Stop worrying."


·       "Everybody will get paid, the old-timers, soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, coast guardsmen, Merchant Mariners, retired workers and the ushers, staff and the family at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave."


·       "Everything's going to be okay."


There were some other not-so friendly communications after my Tuesday's reprimand her on, "Sad Times in the House Chambers."


·       "You don't know what the heck you're talking about."


The fearful thing here is that the conduct of "The Honorables" may quickly flow downhill. Such conduct could permeate the Annapolis statehouse and then infect the cities, counties and towns.


Of course, it won't be funny in the least if payments aren't made. It is a clever ploy that the District of Columbia has declared every one of its employees essential. They'll keep everybody at their desks, thankfully even the police.


The bad news is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) surprisingly won't be affected. Taxes will still be collected and payers and late payers won't be excused.


The example of the devious partisanship is not a good one for the rest of America, the sovereign states and commonwealths and possessions.


Then there is the Texas senator who has ambition but apparently no political sense. He spent hours – 21 hours to be exact – prattling on to an empty chamber. He wasn't the least bit an orator or a good speechifier. Doesn't seem like any dynamic and entertaining politicians are hanging around these days.


He may have been well educated at Princeton and Harvard, but he didn't learn much about the American Constitution. He's the darling of some hard-shell conservatives who think the presidency is for him.


Much to the chagrin of his amigos and amigas, the Cuban-Texan, was born in Canada. Canada is North American. Still hasn't been annexed.


Actually, the senate talk-a-thon was an embarrassment. Further proof the nation has a dearth of responsible, credible and appealing candidates. That is something to be scary about, something to be frightened about.


The countdown is well-underway, of course, and the deadline looms. A check with odds-makers may be worth something, but who dares to put any legal tender on the line?


All of the fear-mongering in the District of Columbia is not good. Some may remember a gentle Kentuckian named Alben W. Barkley, the 35th vice president, 1949-53.


He once said: "The lightning flashed, the thunder roared and brought forth a chigger." He was talking about the fading grand old party.


The "chigger" apparently is still alive. So is Alfred E. Neuman: "What, me worry?"


It's difficult to be "calm and assertive" these days.


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