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September 20, 2013

Few Options Open With Brilliant Proposal

Joe Charlebois

Those U.S. House of Representative members who were elected or re-elected to Congress in 2010 seem to have stepped up – albeit in a belated way – to make good on campaign promises to restore American's private property rights.


The Republican-led House is proposing to pass the latest Continuing Resolution to keep the federal government funded while also eliminating funds that would be designated solely for the administration of the Affordable Care Act – or Obamacare.


Plain and simple this fight is to re-establish the individual’s private property rights.


What few people understand, or are willing to acknowledge in progressive circles, is the fact that the federal government with the enacting of the Affordable Care Act has in real terms confiscated our private property. Many Americans have never thought of their healthcare coverage in terms of personal property, nor have they considered the weekly deductions taken from their paychecks that pay for their healthcare insurance as private property. The fact that this property has never physically passed through their hands made it a much easier sell.


Healthcare coverage in the form of compensation – or as a private purchase – is indeed private property and the subsequent confiscation or control by the federal government is illegitimate and inherently wrong.


In the 2010 federal elections, Americans sent or returned to Washington an extraordinary number of public "servants" who vowed to overturn the Affordable Care Act if elected.


After failing to deliver on any substantial effort to end the Affordable Care Act, the 2010 Congress found itself content to accept the status quo. They claimed that there is nothing they could do, “It’s the law of the land.”


Public opinion to overturn Obamacare has once again grown to extremely high levels. America’s discontent with its implementation has grown. This is due in part to the many “political class” maneuvers that have exempted the friends of the Obama Administration from the law.


President Barack Obama has carved out provisions of the Affordable Care Act that he doesn’t like. He has awarded campaign friendly businesses with exemption after exemption as well as subsidizing congressional staffers to cover the additional costs associated with the new law. The president has created a quasi-class system within the healthcare insurance akin to days of kings and queens.


Legislators on both sides of the aisle have called the unmanageable Affordable Care Act a “train wreck.” In fact, delays in implementation have been promoted by the supporters of Obamacare because they realize it was too poorly written and often a contradictory piece of legislation.


Speaker John Boehner, (R., OH), who did everything in his power to avoid the current proposal, now stands behind those who were responsible for the idea. He now supports full funding of the federal government outside of funds directed to the administration of Obamacare.


With predictability, the administration, as well as Democrat leaders in Washington, are already attempting to portray any delay in funding as a catastrophic “government shutdown.” Contrary to their claims, the ingenious Republican proposal does nothing to shut down the government, rather it fully funds the country’s on-going obligations while attempting to delay or eliminate the Affordable Care Act through the de-funding process.


If there is a stalemate, and if no Continuing Resolution is passed, the responsibility of a shutdown truly falls on the White House, the Senate Democrats and certain weak-kneed Republicans in the U.S. Senate who would refuse to fund our needs.


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