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September 17, 2013

The Case of Fatal Weapons

Harry M. Covert

All the international discussion about killing with chemical weapons is without doubt worthy of the hand-wringing about one of the worst forms of weapons of war.


Certainly pictures of victims are painful whether they be young or old, soldiers or civilians.


For a century the use of chemical weapons supposedly has been universally banned. Allies and enemies allegedly agreed not to employ such weapons. Such rules of war haven't been followed.


It's a good thing that the United States, while making threats to bomb Syria, is not sending in troops to teach them a "lesson." Not one American soldier – or military man or woman or civilian should be risked in that Middle Eastern nation. Of course, reports have been surfacing that U.S. weapons have been flowing to the rebels, who ever they may be. This is not good.


How nice it is that President Vladimir Putin and his Russians have jumped into the matter requiring Bashar al-Assad and his Syrians to give up their chemical weapons. Have Americans forgotten that the Russians have been supplying those weapons to the Syrian hard-liners, many of whom are Taliban and al-Qaeda, the international Muslim terrorists?


The latter two groups don't care one whit about how they kill people. Photographs of civilians and soldiers have abounded on the Internet, television news and some newspapers where beheadings are and have been employed. Awful.


How soon people forget the pictures of enemies at work. Disgusting.


To the combatants, death by gassing may be somewhat better than chopping off their heads. Even guillotines would be quicker perhaps.


Let's be frank here. War is hell. All of the participants are not just military personnel but civilians. The Taliban and al Qaeda are not sweet people who just want to assimilate throughout the world in love and joy. They are vicious killers bound to destroy the rest of the world; and, this is not pleasant to remind everyone, they want to bring Islamic terrorism to the free and constructive world and abolish modern life.


All of the hogwash about closing the prison in Guantanamo is exactly that – hogwash. This is where the terrorists ought to be. These prisoners are not misunderstood. They are warmongers whose only goal is to kill and maim. Of course, they only use guns and knives and bombs. These are not has hurtful as chemical gas?


Remember Zacarias Moussaoui, also known as Abu Khaled al-Sahrawi and Habib Zacarias Moussaoui. He pleaded guilty in Alexandria, VA, federal court to conspiring to kill American citizens as part of the September 11, 2001 attacks. He's enjoying a life sentence without parole at the Federal Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, USA.


He spent more than three years in the Alexandria sheriff's jail. On one routine check, the jail supervisor, attempting to be pleasant, asked, if he could let the terrorist out, what would he do.


"I'd kill you." This is an exact quote, an example of the type of prisoners in Guantanamo. How amazing it is for the nation's political leaders to be so concerned about the prisoners.


Americans should never forget the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan by Islamic terrorists in 2001. He was on assignment covering the news.


Then there is the Bethesda, MD, businessman and retired U.S. Agency for International Development official Warren Weinstein. He was captured in August 2011. No Washington or international concern about his release.


Yes, the use of chemical weapons is dastardly and fatal.


Just what's the difference between being killed and/or murdered by:



















The listing is far from complete. All of the above are awful. Quite simply, who would want to make a choice?


Diplomacy certainly is important. But, it's time to remember that General-President Dwight Eisenhower said, “You can’t trust them (Russians) when they are talking nice, and you can’t trust them when they are talking tough.”


Thomas L. Friedman, The New York Times' columnist, said recently the battle in the Middle East needs hearts to be changed.


He's right on that score. Unfortunately there's no majority move in that direction and hasn't been in thousands of years.


No American military on the ground. But the U.S. arsenal includes drones. Yes, drones instead of men and women, if necessary. Or send in the Mossad, the national intelligence agency of Israel, if they're not there already.


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