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September 11, 2013

Delaney Comments Deserve An Apology

Cindy A. Rose

In case all you’ve been thinking about lately are the Frederick City elections or the Common Core Town Hall or where the heck summer went, I’m here to tell you there’s a movement afoot for the five conservative Western Maryland counties to split from the more liberal eastern ones.


Although I think Carroll, Howard, Harford and most of the Eastern Shore would love to come along if it is successful.


I support this movement 100% and I’m insulted my [cough] congressional representative, John Delaney called the idea “utterly ridiculous.”


I’m further insulted by his Communications Director, Will McDonald who is reported by the Montgomery County Sentinel as having said: “What we hear from Western Maryland every day, from constituents and local officials, is that they want a member of Congress committed to working across the aisle to get things done and create jobs. Congressman Delaney knows that too many people are struggling to get by and that’s why he’s working on real solutions to real problems.”


I’m sorry, I read that and laughed. Yep, that’s exactly what you will hear word-for-word from your average Fredericktonian. If I’ve said it once, I’ve written it a thousand times: “I want my representative working across the aisle to get things done.” (Sorry, I have to wipe the spittle – from laughter – off my computer screen before I can continue.)


I’ve written Mr. Delaney on several occasions and I can assure you it wasn’t to reprimand him for not getting along with fellow congressman. I wish he would “not’ get along with them. Not getting along with them means he might actually have a plan for jobs. Then again, only a high school student believes that government creates jobs. Government can crush a job as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow; look at what Obamacare is doing for the country.


No, Mr. Delaney you are now powerful enough to create a job by being a congressman. Unless you are creating fat-laden bills that will funnel some money to your business friends. That’s not creating a job in my opinion, that’s what I call creating an indentured friend and voter of tomorrow.


But back to my rant about being insulted. It’s Mr. Delaney’s attitude that is endemic of the ruling class across this great country. Those in power could not care less what the average person wants.


When Mr. Delaney finally gets word through a reporter (another shock in and of itself) that citizens in Western Maryland are so upset and feel so disenfranchised they want to break away from the liberal tethers of the central counties, he finds that an opportunity not to calm fears, but to belittle angst. Minimizing the fears and concerns of hard working, conservative rural Maryland is no way for a true statesman to react to his constituents wanting to throw him overboard and create their own state.


What is so “utterly ridiculous” about wanting lower taxes, less regulation and to not live in fear of the loss of our 2nd Amendment rights?


What is so “utterly ridiculous” about being angry over having to pay a rain “tax” in the western counties farthest from the Chesapeake Bay while those sitting on her shores are free from said tax?


What is so “utterly ridiculous” about wanting to create our own education standards and not leave them to Washington-based trade associations and billionaire Bill Gates?


What is so utterly ridiculous about wanting to live in a state that represents what we want and envision for our lives.


Mr. Delaney, you owe the citizens of Frederick County and all points west a huge apology. Resigning your congressional seat would be a good start.


Does Monday work for you?


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