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September 9, 2013

An Open Letter to the Ravens

Cindy A. Rose

Dear Mr. Bisciotti, Ravens Players and Staff,


As a once proud supporter of the Baltimore Ravens, it is with a heavy heart I hand you my resignation as a fan of the purple and black.


From this point forward I will be praying your team loses ever game, so it will lose its audience. I will be rooting for the Washington Redskins. I might even get angry and disappointed enough to route for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


I assume I am like most Americans. I prefer that my sporting events are not served with a side of political propaganda. The only sides I want with my football are wings, pizza, chips, dip and a cold beverage. Ironically most of these are unhealthy. Go figure!


I watch football to escape from the realities of the economic stresses of living in America in the 21st Century. Of course, there are the other stresses of government: snooping, bullying, covering up and lying. But that’s for another rant.


When my family and I sit down to a game we want to relax and watch our favorite players kick the butts of our most reviled opponents. What I don’t want is to sit down for an exciting game of gut-wrenching, edge of my seat football only to be handed a thermos full of misrepresentations, half-truths and out and out lies concerning the benefits and affordability of forcing every man woman and child into bondage via mandated purchases of a commodity known as health insurance.


It angers me you would use your position as Super Bowl champions to coerce the public. That you would smooth talk them into believing the Affordable Health Care Act is good for them and good for America.


Those are not the facts; it is only the dangerous rhetoric used to herd uninformed, trusting average citizens who will believe whatever you say because they are proud of their home team. Others admire and trust you.


Whether you believe the talking points you will be given is neither here nor there. Not for me anyway. You are a football franchise, not the media and/or propaganda arm of the Obama Administration. They created this horrible, wretched health program, and it is up to them to sell it to the public.


They are using you because the public has started to wake up and is learning that this isn’t the Utopian vision of healthcare we were told was coming. America is abandoning the notion of state-sponsored healthcare like rats on a flaming, hole ridden, half rotted sinking ship. We need you to not put a face on healthcare it does not deserve thus convincing the public to re-board the doomed ship.


I ask you to let it succeed or fail on its own merits, under its own ability to move the ball down the field. When Raven’s players take the field and find themselves in a tough situation, they don’t recruit other players from the stands to take their place. They either dig down deep and find the ability within or they fail.


I respectfully request you do not take this field. Let this program succeed or fail on its own merits.


Yellow Cab
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