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September 3, 2013

“Political Nonsense”

Roy Meachum

Colleague Richard Weldon said it: “Another in a long string of national political nonsense: Hawkish Republicans in the last decade are now becoming peaceniks, and former anti-war Democrats for military for intervention against Assad.”


On the same note Rick continued in another column: “What idiot would ever want to be president? No matter what they do, or not do, they are vilified, demeaned and denigrated. And no, this is not a defense of Obama. I feel the same way about Bush, Clinton, and pretty much every other president in the age of cable news and instant communication.”


To prod lazy minds, Rick was a delegate and county commissioner, elected on the GOP ticket. He publically renounced the party earlier this year, based on opinions like these. He is now capital “I,” Independent, free to criticize both Republicans and Democrats – which claim me. But still, I have supported all stripes of candidates.


As my columns have reflected, I think Barack Obama has come under such attacks because he is a Black African-American. In 2012, he was newly given back the Oval Office; in less than a year, he’s garnered such criticism and threats of impeachments and recall because of his color. Hillary Clinton is the next likely president. I expect the GOP clamor to be no less clamorous because of her gender.


Mitt Romney made a clean swipe for the presidency. On the eve of the November’s voting, his supporters thought he was in the White House, instead he failed by almost exactly 5 million ballots. The official count was 65.9 million for the incumbent and the Republican candidate gathered 60.9 plus some extra men and women who supported the GOP choice.


Democrat Bill Clinton in his 1992 try garnered almost 50 million, while President George H.W. Bush dragged in slightly more 39 million. Independent Ross Perot was “the man” to almost 20 million voters who might have supported the GOP administration. Mrs. Clinton might face the same situation: divided Republican voters in 2014. Somewhat new on the political horizon are various Tea Partyers, who are sure to back someone who has not been certified by the regular Republicans.


Rick’s “political nonsense” has a grip on his former party that will not be easy to shake, except on the local level where ties are to individuals rather than labels. There is agitation in western Maryland to secede from eastern Democratic control: forget all about it. Even though polls and surveys might back it, Annapolis concurrence is a necessity.


The Constitution permits a political party to commit suicide; it’s happened before. Where are the Whigs and Tories now?


As I have written before, the present-day Republicans tend in that direction, maybe Colleague Weldon could help, through his columns, or his post, as the Chamber of Commerce membership manager. I would cite to him the proverb about the oak tree starting from an acorn.


Good luck, Rick Weldon!!


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