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October 2, 2003

The California Earthquake of 2003

John P. Snyder

The popular uprising that I observed in California this summer seems to be reaching the full bore roar stage just in time for next Tuesday's recall election. Should the current polling data prove correct and Gov. Gray Davis is booted out of office, it will be a once in a lifetime upheaval that will be felt for a long time.

There is ample evidence that Governor Davis is about to lose his job.

Respected polls show about 60% of the people, who intend to vote, want him out. Further, the only Democrat on the ballot, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, seems to be trailing Arnold Schwartzenegger anywhere from 5 to 12 points.

Mr. Schwartzenegger leads a long list of candidates with about 40% of the vote. With a credible showing in a big debate, the buzz seems to be all Arnold's.

Draw your own conclusions, of course, but when the incumbent governor spends most of his time begging the challenger to debate, as Gray Davis does, then one could plausibly conclude that he is toast.

It seems that the aptly named Gray Davis has not been able to make and retain friends. It is said that, save for his wife and dogs, no one really likes him.

His support is mostly within the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. The rest of the state contains large numbers of "broken glass Californians." Those Golden Staters, who have cleared their calendars on October 7th, and, even if the streets are lined with broken glass, intend on voting him out of office.

While it is regrettable that the state is in a large financial pickle, Gray Davis will have created a legacy that every liberal, socialist, big spending Democrat will have to bear. He is a textbook liberal, complete with class warfare, race baiting and using the public till to further his career. The reality is that upper incomes and businesses pay the taxes that make the machine move.

When you seek to slow them down, so, too, will the revenues of the state.

Californians, by nature, don't seem to get riled up easily. Those who care are determined to change the direction of the state a year after the regular election.

Liberals tend to see people's incomes as belonging to the state. What they want, they take. The more you make, the more they take. Sooner or later, those who don't pay will outnumber those who do. Gray Davis made California an appealing respite for weary illegal aliens: plenty of government services available to all. When the cost of the largesse overwhelmed the wealthy and businesses, then the middle class backlash began.

Take note, Speaker Busch of Maryland. Take note, Martin O'Malley, mayor of Baltimore. The same goes for all 10 of you presidential wannabes in the Democratic primary. The limits of liberalism have been reached and the people don't like it.

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