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August 14, 2013


Patrick W. Allen

Delusional social conservatives and science deniers regard marijuana as a gateway drug to heroin, just as easily as 50 years ago when they regarded a woman going braless as a gateway behavior inviting rape and incest.


It’s completely understandable that men would and will look the other way regarding an issue they know nothing about, but maintain legislative power over its governance. More astonishing is the fact that women, any woman, in 2013, would stand on the sidelines or stand behind anyone who advocates the premise and policies of multiple doctrines to move women’s rights backwards … especially by men wearing blinders!


It would be intellectually dishonest to broad brush the right-wing for the misogynistic seed which grows inside its belly when an industrial strength, commercial painting booth would be more appropriate.


The misguided social conservative oversight during the age of Ozzie & Harriet, Ward & June and Rob & Laura are 50 years behind us. It’s not coming back no matter how hard the right-wing attempts to legislate it back into reality.


Tom Cotton, right-wing representative from Arkansas’s 4th Congressional District has recently announced that he will be running for U.S. Senate in 2014. Mr. Cotton brings with him his 1997 writings, while studying law at Harvard, which details how women need to remember their place in marriage, and how women are the leading cause for divorce and the reason why so many divorced women live in poverty. [1]


Representative Cotton also insists on Covenant Marriage, which is, of course, a law that only allows for divorce after two years in cases of abuse or adultery. He is only attempting to infiltrate the U.S. Congress with right-wing, anti-women’s rights virus, which has reached epidemic proportions in over half of the states.


First – TRAP Women’s Healthcare Providers. Known as TRAP laws (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers), these laws single out the medical practices of doctors who provide abortions, and impose on them requirements that are different and more burdensome than those imposed on other medical practices. These excessive and unnecessary government regulations – an ever-growing trend among right-wing state legislatures – increase the cost and scarcity of abortion services, harming women's health and inhibiting their reproductive choices. [2]


TRAP laws have proven extremely difficult to challenge in court. Nonetheless, in a number of cases, opponents to the TRAP strategy have sought creative and compelling ways to fight these laws, and continue to use litigation as a means of trying to block this growing threat to reproductive rights.


TRAP laws, contemplated or already enacted by right-wing controlled state legislatures, have only one purpose – to deny women who live in those states their constitutionally guaranteed rights…or, at least, the privilege and opportunity to exercise their rights in these states. Plain and simple…period. There are two parts to the right-wing strategy:


·       1. Set the functional and operational regulations so high, that a woman’s healthcare clinic has no option but to shut its doors.


·       2. Set the practicing regulations for doctors and reproductive healthcare professionals so high or so far out of reach that they cannot perform constitutionally guaranteed medical procedures to women.


Second – Herd The Right-Wing Sheep. Using the moniker of Crisis Pregnancy Center, the right-wing is using egregiously false information to misinform (translated: lie) women who are guided into their facilities. This is known as herding the sheep.


At a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Virginia, the “counselor” said to the young woman that she could accidentally end up aborting a fetus while using hormonal contraception, stating: “If you’re on the pill, on the patch, on the shot, and get pregnant, you will abort that baby because the uterus cannot sustain that pregnancy because the lining has been so altered by those steroids…” [3]


In Virginia, these centers receive state money through the sale of Choose Life license plates at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia's Republican gubernatorial candidate, sponsored the legislation that established that fundraising system during his time in the state senate.


A statewide undercover investigation revealed that 71 percent of these centers in Virginia give out medically inaccurate information about the health consequences and effectiveness of birth control, condoms and abortion.


Just to reiterate the absurd, crazy narrative, counselors at the Falls Church, Virginia, facility tell women, “…condoms are not effective at preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases because they are "naturally porous." Additionally, "Safe sex is a joke, there's no such thing."


Final Thoughts. The aforementioned mid-Atlantic undercover investigation exposes Virginia Crisis Pregnancy Centers for what they are: anti-choice field offices designed to mislead, shame, and lie to women during one of the most vulnerable times of their lives.


It’s more than a bit disingenuous to say that there is a “War On Women”…that suggests totality and the fact is that only a percentage of women are affected…those who choose to exercise their constitutional right. The balance of women either has no opinion or gets their marching orders from their husbands (what to think, how to vote, etc.).


But, if we choose to use the term “War on Women,” then we must admit that millions of women are considered disposable collateral damage in an ideological, fundamentalist movement orchestrated and implemented by an unconscionably ignorant segment of the population.


However, all is not lost and there is a rainbow on the horizon. During war you have to look at the total war plan, not just an individual battle plan, to effect overall success. Inasmuch as the right-wing war plan is to use the states to stop the use of Roe v. Wade without actually repealing the law at the federal level, pro-Roe activists are taking a tactic out of the right-wing playbook and using it against them.


Remember the Crisis Pregnancy Centers discussed earlier; well, now they are under attack, along with their Operation Rescue partners, for fraudulent practices.


The pro-Roe protesters have been caravanning through several states protesting and handing out “indictments” of anti-abortion pregnancy centers (CPCs) that they say provide false information about abortion and birth control.


On Friday, they carried signs in front of a Wichita, Kansas, CPC with slogans such as Fake Clinic, and Stop Forced Motherhood, and festooned the front of the building with faux crime-scene tape reading Danger, Crimes Against Women. They also posed for pictures holding the crime scene tape over the sign at Operation Rescue located next door. [4]


The decades old and unacceptable notion that women belong in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant is not funny and not that far away from the thinking of so many ignorant men and women.


The Right-Wing, by whatever name it chooses to affiliate, is pushing the bounds of rational thinking to the point of being relegated to the dung heap of absolute lunacy!


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[2] Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers

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