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August 6, 2013

Phony Scandals: The Big Administration Lie

Steve Gottlieb

Recently Americans have been inundated by Obama Administration talking points claiming our economy is bad because Congress is preoccupied by an “endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals.” They not only make such specious claims, they believe you are dumb enough to believe them.


In a series of speeches by President Barack Obama, he again and again heralded his determination to “pivot” his attention and that of the country back to the economy. We heard this from him a number of times over the past five years; yet the economy is either not recovering, or the recovery is dismal at best.


However, since he never changes his ideas on the economy – tax the rich, increase government spending and redistribute the wealth – chances are this newest increase in attention to the economy has more to with sagging ratings, reportedly a 41% approval rating last week, than real concern for the American people.


If he really cared he would come up with new ideas instead of his same old failed ones. Yet, when faced with a number of scandals which take a toll on ratings and growing discontent within the Democratic Party base due to his perceived lack of progress on his agenda to “fundamentally transform America,” he had to do something to take the heat off. So, he turned to trying to divide the country again along economic lines to distract us from his abject failure as a leader. While doing so, he also chose to spit on those lives lost in Benghazi and as a result of “Fast and Furious.”


Dead Americans are not phony. As Maryland Sixth Congressional District candidate Dan Bongino stated: “phony scandals don’t come home in body bags.”


As our commander-in-chief, one would think the president would seek the truth about what happened that cost the lives of brave Americans just trying to do the job asked of them by their country. This is not the case as at every turn the administration is working to inhibit congressional inquiry, prevent witnesses from talking and ridiculing those demanding answers.


Of course, based on the president’s comments, our constitutional rights to privacy and freedom from illegal search and seizure are also unimportant and not worthy of protection from overreaching government agencies.


He seems to think it is okay if the National Security Agency (NSA) is spying on most if not all 300 million of us. He feels it is okay if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targets conservative groups for extra scrutiny in an attempt to prevent them from obtaining their requested tax exempt status. Then, to try to reduce the furor over these incidents, the administration conveniently comes up with approximately six liberal leaning groups that supposedly received extra scrutiny and were placed on some sort of list.


Even if that did happen, there is no moral equivalency based on the difference in numbers between the groups scrutinized, although liberal pundits try to say otherwise. Conservative groups were targeted based on their political beliefs. This is a clear abuse of power by the government.


What is even more disturbing is the way the IRS scandal was blamed on a few low level employees in Cincinnati, when the country eventually found out there may even be some evidence now of people being involved who are associated with the White House.


If Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings had his way, we wouldn’t even know that much. He claimed early on in the investigation that we already knew everything; which, of course, is not the truth. This is another example of the administration – and its supporters – covering up the truth and stalling investigators’ attempts hoping the public will forget these issues.


Here is a newsflash, Mr. President. The murder of Americans and others due to failures in handling Benghazi and as a result of illegal U.S. government gun-running during “Fast and Furious,” is not a phony scandal. The violation of our Fourth Amendment constitutional rights and willful disparaging of a reporter’s reputation by the Justice Department is not a phony scandal. The IRS targeting groups that oppose your agenda is not a phony scandal. These are national tragedies with far reaching implications.


As our president, it is your job to ensure violations don’t occur or – if they do – investigate and hold accountable those responsible; especially from departments under your purview. You are required to fully cooperate with congressional investigations into these allegations. Your job is not to lie to the American people and mislead them by referring to these scandals as phony; the evidence slowly being uncovered shows otherwise.


There appears to be a feeling among politicians that the population has a short memory. The administration hopes that if they can stall long enough, the American people will no longer care about these scandals. Politicians in general believe the American public is relatively stupid and can be sidetracked from important issues with catchy campaign style phrases such as “phony scandals,” the rich need to pay “their fair share” and “fundamental change.”


We need to show them this is not the case as the Obama Administration owes us, the American people, a lot of answers.


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