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As Long as We Remember...

August 2, 2013

Ready for Hillary?

Roy Meachum

Former Secretary of State and United States Senator Hillary Clinton dined at the White House Monday; the next day she lunched with Vice President Joe Biden. I look with startled eyes at those who think she will not mount a 2016 campaign to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


This week an organization called “Ready for Hillary” announced it raised over a million dollars. Getting in on the act, Republican Party fund raisers averred they will match support for the Democrats dollar-for-dollar. The GOP’s problems start with not having a single candidate. In 2012, it had tons of applicants to head the ticket, selecting Mormon Mitt Romney. Despite running against the African-American incumbent, the former governor of Massachusetts lost badly.


During the campaign, there developed what Democrats call the GOP “War on Women.” Where Republican governors rule states, it goes on, giving excuse for demonstrations in several jurisdictions. North Carolina is the latest, promoting protests against the newly legislated abortion rules and forcing a long-tenured teacher to resign over cuts in education funds. All over the country, the party seems designed to turn off minorities, especially the growing number of Hispanics.


The purpose of Ready for Hillary is to discourage other Democrats to mount campaigns and it’s succeeding. All important voices have been heard, advocating for the former First Lady. At least, that’s my impression that comes from reading three daily newspapers, the Internet and hearing television.


Of course, Mrs. Clinton lived in the White House when her husband was the president, 1993-2001. Openly supporting his wife, Bill Clinton would like to return – this time on her apron strings. (Coming to think of it, I’ve seen her photographs in a lot of costumes, but never in a cook’s uniform.)


Hillary is a thoroughly liberated lady, which is partially her attraction for women; when her husband was caught with intern Monica Lewinsky, her white gloves never smudged. This attitude drew support from lots of wives and their grateful men, too. She’s an attorney, product of Wellesley and Yale Law.


In other words, she’s a well-qualified candidate, except for her sex. If she makes it in 2016, America will have its first woman president, which is why so many voices cry out, hoping to break the glass ceiling for females further. After all, they’ve handled corporations and state and local governments; Madeleine Albright was the first woman secretary of state.


What Mrs. Clinton is seeking, the White House, her generation has earned. Unless the GOP comes up with a better candidate, also female, her gender deserves the White House. I expect a great deal of Republican cacophony, protesting the simple truth.


Ready for Hillary has not received my donation; they haven’t asked for it. As you gather, I think the former secretary of state and U.S. senator is “ready” for the presidency.


Of course, 2016 is three years away.


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