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July 16, 2013

GOP “War on Women”

Roy Meachum

If you were out of touch for the weekend, you might not know that Texas’ Republicans Saturday passed some of the nation’s most restrictive abortion laws and forcing most of its abortion clinics to close their doors.


State Sen. Wendy Davis gained a share of fame by stopping it earlier.


Meanwhile, neighboring GOP Virginia and 15 other states, all Republican controlled, are poised to enact similar regulations resulting in closing medical facilities. A pro-choice supporter came up with the phrase “War on Women.”


Another noted that Tampons were not permitted in the Austin State House, but guns were. Officials were wary of female sanitation instruments that might be used as weapons, but Texas is Texas, the fictional home of The Lone Ranger, and other men reluctant to surrender firearms. They will protect the females among them, never mind the ladies.


It can’t be imagined that the incidents in the pair of states will make easier the GOP resurgency. Their last presidential candidate had his ears lowered. The growth of minorities bodes ill for the Republicans who like to boast of their white Americanism males.


The spectator galleries Saturday were reduced to yelling: “Shame! Shame! Shame!”


In previous pieces I have written how the national Republican Party seems hell-bound for hari-kari. Unanimously, their honchos decreed opposition to single-sex marriages. To quote an April column: “Even the ultra-conservative Fox News polling could no better than come in with 46 percent opposed; that left 49 percent in favor. The rest had no position on the issue. ABC News-Washington Post was the strongest in favor, 58-36 percents. It seems every day that GOP officials come out in favor.”


One week later, April 23, the following opinion appeared: “GOP senators guaranteed the other party’s triumph when they rejected background checks to prevent criminals and people with psychological problems from obtaining guns. The measure failed to get the necessary 60 votes, 54-46, despite the general population is in favor by 90 percent – to the background checks. That was the National Rifle Association’s position for years, until the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre changed his mind.”


Now, Lincoln and Reagan’s party lays itself open to the charge of “War on Women.” Texans are a unique brand unto themselves. They possess the lone star in the universe, but they join with 16 other states in fingering abortions – despite the fact that the Supreme Court’s decision originated in Dallas.


Roe v. Wade is considered by feminists as their Declaration of Independence; most women consider their bodies belong to themselves, whether in a movement or not. There’s a stance, dictated in most instances by religions, that argues vehemently once pregnant a human being must carry the fetus full-term. Sturdy faiths like Roman Catholics and Muslims always offer exceptions.


It seems to me in the present political wars that the Republicans own the term: full-term, on all issues. Blindly and absolutely. I offered before: “The United States desperately needs a party in the middle, balanced between the liberal Democrats and the right-wing GOP. Many Americans, as I said, will vote left because Republicans offer no acceptable choice.”


What a pity!!


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