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As Long as We Remember...

July 15, 2013

The Distractions and Delusions of Summer

Steven R. Berryman

The Zimmerman verdict is in... There; I’ve said it. By now you have already tried to stick your finger down your own throat to force a gag and be done with it all. Too late, though, the incident has already paid-off for its promoters, race fires have been fanned, and the oxygen has been sucked out of the real issues America faces.


Six women jurors did it; justice has been served, can’t we all just get along now and be done with it?


And by the way, how can six women be a jury of peers if they can’t even get the gender in question represented?Attorneys must have figured they had better odds for a sympathetic verdict with them.


At the outset, the mangled-media proclaimed the paranoid watchman-cop-wanna-be not just a Hispanic, but a white-Hispanic. The stage was set for the Al Sharptons of the world. Court TV was now having as much fun as ESPN’s Sports Center has with gay linebackers. It’s about filling the time, now.


But it’s also about distracting the masses from reality for the summer. Escape time at the beach does not have to be filled with reminders of a failed job market where the unemployed are kept hanging on unemployment while waiting for a recovery that will never create the exact jobs lost. The administration is not offering retraining, and the theory of green existence is the number one sponsored college course for credit.


Of course, the other buried story is that your Stafford College Loans program was allowed to double to over six percent interest rates while you were sleeping – this, as Congress got back into bed with the bankers that put them there.


Rodney King is surely following Wolf Blitzer’s coverage of George Zimmerman from the Netherlands somewhere, along with Trayvon Martin. It should be a crime to be sensationalized simply because of one's race, or because of the interactions of those from separate ethnic origins.


Famous for being black. Famous for getting into trouble. And then just famous for being famous. The media lives for this stuff, and in a vacuum, simply invents and promotes the status of controversies. How do you like being manipulated?


We are assisted in our delusions because we want race relations to live up to the “post-racial presidency of one (half) black President Barack Obama. But, alas, only SOME do, really. Some are just filling column-inches, some filling two-minute sound-bytes.


Talking heads of self-proclaimed important opinion sources will offer you no quarter, though. It’s not in their best interest to allow you to rest easy. You must anticipate a riot or other disturbance. Agitating you keeps up audience numbers, while distracting.


Taxation of the Internet? De facto amnesty for 20 million (or so) criminal-immigrants...putting the coal industry out of its misery, domestic surveillance by drone, and then there’s that absent economic recovery thing again.


But it was a “castle doctrine” issue. No, he put himself into harm’s way. Nay, it was a forced racist incident... Matters not. It was about the theater and airtime.


Captain obvious controls the stock observations: Guns are bad. Racial profiling is both real and imagined. “If it bleeds, it leads.” And Americans taking a break from the sun at the beach need to stare at something.




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