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As Long as We Remember...

July 8, 2013

News-Post Promotes Liberal Manifesto

Steven R. Berryman

In a barely disguised screed in Sunday’s Frederick News-Post print edition, local web publisher and left wing promoter George Wenschhof was given 700 words for his letter to the editor. But it was truly liberal propaganda at best.


It once again bemoaned Frederick County Board of Commissioners President Blaine Young’s positions on Head Start, Citizen’s Nursing Home privatizations, size and scope of government, and sacred entitlements that support repeat Democrat votes – yada yada yada!


Mr. Wenschhof’s featured piece was entitled Blaine and Co. bad for Frederick County.


An interesting title, as the Letter to the Editor itself insisted that government itself should act for all of the people, not just for the winners. Surely, based upon the past commissioner’s election and sweeping mandate, we know that Blaine speaks for – and is presumably good for –at least more than half of our population.


Of course, the wedge tool for dismantling Blaine here was the most polarizing issue of growth yes, or growth no, but that’s for another column, and we already know that the answer to that one emanates from the NIMBYistic location of one’s perspective.


Growth for you is different than growth for me.


What crystallized and concentrated my attention most in “Bad for Frederick County” was a conclusion paragraph toward the end:


Government exists to help level the playing field, to serve as the referee, ensuring all are treated in an equal and fair manner. It should never be operated with a profit motive in mind, but rather to provide needed services for the benefit of all citizens.


That government exists to help level the playing field? Balderdash says me! That’s the most extra-Constitutional concept I have ever heard. Nowhere within any of our nation’s founding documents can this concept be found enumerated. This ode to political/economic fairness as doctrine has been a disaster to our nation.


Witness our financial insolvency, trickling to all level of our government.


The above speaks to transfers of wealth, redistributions of wealth, and to forcibly moving your money – levied as a tax on your very existence –against your will. And sometimes against your best interests.


For example, why should I pay to bus anyone in from an outlying area to subsidize their taking away my potential job?


That government exists to ensure that all are treated in an equal and fair manner? Really, the fruits of my own sweat and labor are really not mine, but are free to be retrieved by the government for some ethereal fairness, that by definition is not! That is an Obama-concept if ever I have heard one.


That government should never be operated with a profit motive in mind? Really? There is massive difference between holding sway to privatization that makes fiscal sense and what actually is government profit.


Any money left on a government ledger at the end of a fiscal accounting period is not profit, but simply unused funds – still citizen owned – that were once confiscated through a system of taxation. What is taken-in for the treasuries should not take on a life of its own, but be spent for the greater good, on an as-needed basis, as opposed to some as-wanted fairness basis. The concept aired here as fairness is simply politicizing tax dollars.


Transit dollars and the gas tax is another fine example to illustrate the point: Why should the 92% of taxpaying citizens give a free ride to 8% or less that actually use mass transit? Light rail is an even worse spend-per-subsidized trip.


Instead of bashing Blaine for following his good business instincts and mandate, we should be fairly evaluating him for allocating the power of the office for the good of the typical taxpayer, not simply for those at one end of the economic spectrum, in the interests of following government best practices.


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