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July 8, 2013

Common Core Assaults “Freedom”

Cindy A. Rose

So, you’re not worried about the “metadata” the government is collecting on you? You hear it is benign information that won’t tell anyone anything specific about you.


That begs the question: If it’s so non-specific, why collect it?


Now is not the time to blindly trust the federal government. It’s given us no reason to.


What we already know that should be concerning:


·       The federal Department of Homeland Security is collecting data from Google, Amazon, etc., on millions of average American’s without a warrant;


·       Internal Revenue Service intimidating average Americans;


·       Internal Revenue Service abuse of funds;


·       The Federal Government wiretapping the Associated Press


·       The Justice Department accused Fox News reporter James Rosen of being a “co-conspirator” to justify its spying on him. It never intended to prosecute; it just lied to get access to his phone records and e-mails.


·       The Department of Homeland Security pressuring Inspector generals to whitewash their reports.


·       The Environmental Protection Agency has been accused of encouraging “sue and settle” to circumvent the laws.


What is "sue and settle," you ask? An interested group, usually environmental, files a lawsuit accusing the federal government of failing to meet a regulation or requirement. The federal government can either sue or settle. More times than not the EPA will settle by giving the environmental group what they desired, i.e., writing regulations and without public knowledge or consent. Hundreds of new regulations have been imposed via sue and settle. Oh, and the EPA has been accused of "encouraging" such law suits so it can create the new regulations laws "it" knows won't make it through Congress because the public would be enraged.


Which brings me back to “meta data.”


German Green Party official Malte Spitz wrote on June 29, 2013, that with the meta data he requested from his mobile carrier over a six month period one could “… see when I went to sleep and woke up, a trail further enriched with public information from my social networking sites: six months of my life viewable for everybody to see what exactly is possible with “just metadata.”   “….now imagine if you had access to millions of similar data sets. You could easily draw maps, tracing communication and movement. You could see which individuals, families or groups were communicating with one another. You could identify any social group and determine its major actors…All of this is possible without knowing the specific content of a conversation, just technical information — the sender and recipient, the time and duration of the call and the geo-location data.”


If you extrapolate the data and put together patterns, you will eventually be able to figure out who is who without getting that information from the original source.


Which brings me next to Data Mining and The Common Core Standards – being implemented in Frederick County Public Schools this fall.


Privacy laws regarding our children have been eroded to make way for the Longitudinal Data System that is tied to the Common Core.


Now imagine each and every student has an iPad, iPhone, Smartphone or other device they are using during every waking hour.


This is the future vision of Common Core; every student has tablets or similar devices, it's part of the technology they advise school systems to implement. Could be just for “educational” purposes. I’m not that trusting and am completely okay with others calling me a conspiracy nut if I suggest is has a multi-layered purpose. One that will track our students through who they text, what websites they search, where they were when they searched and what other devices were in that exact location. The possibilities of what our government could learn are truly endless.


The government is busy convincing the public that it is all purely innocent. Do we really believe that? Are we willing to freely handover our children’s information?


Actually we aren’t “handing it over;” it’s being taken. You see, just as the National Security Agency is snatching up your data without your consent, the Longitudinal Data System (LDS) will be busy snatching up your child and family data. You don’t have the choice of opting out; you must participate, period. Welcome to the new tyrannical America.


Although we are supposed to be comforted when a school official says the data is input using an unidentifiable student number, for me that falls short. Obviously it’s identifiable because you have to know who’s information is being input. So, somewhere there is file that says Suzie Blue’s ID number is 4358H9Y. Even if no such file existed that is beyond the point of forcing a student/parent to participate in data collection.


They are also busy trying to convince us the information is "safe." If the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency can be hacked, so can our children's data. Who will be the Edward Snowden of education information?


I, for one, am tired of the government and bureaucracies taking from me that which they have no right to. There is a war in America. It isn’t against women or the right to choose; it’s against us and our Civil Rights. Our rights to privacy and to be left free to make our own choices. I’ll decide if I want a fat-laden burger and 32 ounce non-diet cola while smoking a cigarette and texting as I walk without looking up.


So, when the State of Maryland offers you or your child a free iPad or other such technology, be perfectly aware that every key stroke they make, when and where they make it, is being saved and stored by the government. Knowing this will guide your every thought and action.


Question: Are you then still free?


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