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As Long as We Remember...

July 4, 2013

Independence Day 2013

Zachary Peters

Today is July 4th, which for most means burgers, beer, fireworks, and family and friends all together at a barbeque. However, the significance of the day-off from work lies much deeper in history than the simple middle of summer barbeque.


Let’s go back to the1770s during the American Revolution. This was an era where the citizens rioted at the Boston Tea Party only due to a few taxes. Can you imagine what these people would do if they were around today? If this mindset existed today, there would be a modern day coup d’état at every level of government.


I digress.


It was July 2nd, 1776, that our Founding Fathers approved the Declaration of Independence that created the United States of America and formally separated our nation from the over-burdensome control of Great Britain. Not to sound cliché, but July 4th is America’s birthday, celebrating the day signatures began to be placed on the document.


And how do we celebrate this monumental holiday? Well, most of us do so with a cookout, a fireworks display, and some friendly gatherings. We wave the flag, sing patriotic songs, and thank God we are free.


On the other hand, our own Gov. Martin O’Malley, and his liberal super majority pals of Annapolis, celebrates in a different fashion. In an ironic twist to celebrating their freedom, the Maryland Democrats celebrated early this year by raising taxes and increasing governmental regulation which went in to effect just Monday. To keep it simple, they celebrate by limiting our freedom – both economic and social.


Since 2007, the O’Malley Administration has raised taxes, fees, and tolls more than 35 times. This begs the age-old political campaign question, are you better off today than you were 4 (or 8) years ago? As Chief Justice John Marshall once said: “The power to tax involves the power to destroy.”


Now a lot of Maryland residents would rather pack up and leave. “The taxes are too high,” or “We can’t stand the liberal majority in the state government,” are things being said on a daily basis. So, these people take the easy way out and move to West Virginia (some of them even run for Congress there…), or Virginia, Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, etc., in search of more business and middle class-friendly environments. But then there are the rest of us.


We cannot abandon our state and leave it to the tax-and-spend Democrat majority. The 2014 Gubernatorial elections provide a rare opportunity to gain more Republican seats within the General Assembly and elect a Republican governor who will veto any tax increase. Speaking of no new taxes, Del. Ron George (R., Anne Arundel)) already pledged that if elected governor he would not sign off on any new taxes.


Our state deserves far better than a tax-and-spend liberal lieutenant governor, who believes he is the heir apparent to the gubernatorial throne. Further, we deserve a more fair and representative General Assembly. Even further, there is absolutely no excuse for “Republican” delegates voting in favor of the governor’s expansive and massive budget or only holding a “C” grade on gun issues from the National Rifle Association. We must thoroughly research our candidates, especially the incumbents, before we vote them back into office.


Again, I digress.


This Independence Day, do your best to forget about the gas tax, rain tax, or increase in tolls statewide. Remember the true statesmen who founded our great nation and remember your freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.


Happy Independence Day to you and yours, and may God continue to bless the United States of America.


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