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As Long as We Remember...

July 4, 2013

Throw The “Taxaholics” Into The Bay

Chris Cavey

On December 16, 1773, the Sons of Liberty, in protest to oppressive British tax on tea, climbed aboard three ships in the Boston Harbor and threw the tea overboard. This act of protesting oppressive taxation was key to igniting the spark of revolution in the colonies.


Is the history of abundant taxation repeating itself in Maryland 240 years later?


It’s doubtful a crowd will gather at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, or the docks in Annapolis, to dump cargo into the water. (The liberal environmentalists would go crazy!) However, after 37 new taxes and fees, levied within the tenure of the O'Malley/Brown Administration, the taxpaying citizenry of Maryland should be prepared to "dump" seasoned "tax-and-spend" elected officials out of their comfortable offices.


My out-of-state friends laugh about Maryland's "rain tax" and that our gas tax now has inflationary ability to increase without further votes cast by legislators. We pay flush tax, death tax, environmental tax and have had our highway and bridge tolls increased by 400% effective July 1, 2013. When and where will it stop?


The answer is: It must stop with you and me. It will stop when Maryland's citizens no longer elect people who have a natural craving to tax and spend… or, worse yet, desire to spend irresponsibly and continuously then tax their citizens to make up their deficits. It stops when we bring to a halt repeatedly re-electing incumbents who have no concept of fiscal responsibility.


My Baltimore County property tax bill arrived and next to the line items of "Storm Water Fee" and "Bay Restoration Fee" there was an asterisk stating "Mandated by the State of Maryland." I wonder how proud legislators would be if it were printed: "Mandated by "Senator _____ vote?" Or on the other hand, what if it was labeled: "The Delegate _____ Tax." (You fill in the blanks with your favorite politician.)


Well, it is their tax! Those who voted for this, and other outlandish partisan based O'Malley/Brown taxes, should be out explaining to their constituency their desire for re-election only to return to Annapolis and tax us more. They should be taking pride in their revenue generating handiwork.


Just think of the political backlash if all those responsible for toll increases were collecting tolls this Fourth of July week – personally. Think about the impact to go back to the old tollbooths, just this week and have them eyeball to eyeball with the public, reaching their hand out the window to grab your cash…after you wait in traffic burning gas that just cost you more due to their new gas tax increase!


Perhaps we should also have early voting at the same tollbooths! I feel sure the public would "express" their opinion as they crept past the toll lane; odds are few would be re-elected. However, the next election is 16 months away. The public typically has a short memory and the "taxaholic" politician knows how to play the game; they just hunker-down and wait.


Just like the Sons of Liberty and our Founding Fathers, I love my country and my state, and there are an abundance of people who feel the same. It is reported many people are leaving Maryland and heading to various parts of our country seeking tax relief. I know a few who have left recently.


This Fourth of July week, as you ponder your new taxes over various grilled meat, or as you enjoy a fireworks display, think about where our nation would be if Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Christopher Gadsden and others had packed their bags and left town.


Like the patriots of the 1770s, I chose to stay and fight.


Happy Birthday, America!


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