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June 21, 2013

Doing What Is Right……And Fair

Joe Charlebois

Republicans need to abandon the idea of winning over distinct minority groups. They need to stop playing the same game that the Democrats play. It has and always will be a losing proposition.


What Republicans, and more specifically conservatives, need to is win over Americans through the concept of fairness.


The most obvious and glaring example of unfair treatment is the tortured 72,000 pages of tax code, that only exists to reward certain individuals and corporations at the expense of those that aren't favored by Congress.


A fairer tax would not only simplify tax collection but would remove from the code its use as a political weapon between the parties.


The progressive income tax that exists today is one that is vastly different from the original. It has become incrementally more progressive over the years by rewarding low-wage earners with little to no federal income while placing an ever increasing burden on those who’s earning fall among the highest in the nation.


Although many Americans support the idea of taxing higher incomes at higher rates, is it fair?


The short answer is "no."


It is not fair that those who are considered to be "wealthy" – by an abstract figure – should pay a punitive and confiscatory amount in taxes because the have been successful. There is no rational or even moral reason to have the government take an unequal amount of annual income from one group more so than another.


Proponents of this tax code claim that it allows the government to redistribute tax funding to those that it deems are in need. The question that this type of thinking raises is "who is a better judge of where one's dollars are spent, the individual American, or the unnamed bureaucrat?


Americans believe in the notion that this country affords them the opportunity to succeed greater than any other nation on the face of the earth. They believe in the notion of freedom and fairness that this country offers.


When it comes to the issue of handling illegal immigration we are chided by politicians in the Republican Party that Congress needs to pass some form of immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship in order to win over the Latino voting bloc in future elections.


Doing what may seem politically expedient and wise while ignoring a certain level of fairness will backfire on Republicans. There remains a vast number of American citizens who were once "in line" as legal immigrants. They did what was asked of them. They went through all the right channels. In the end they were rewarded for their efforts by being able to swear an oath of allegiance to their new country.


The blatant arrogance exhibited by those who look to remove the red velvet ropes on the behalf of those who haven't played by the rules is appalling. This is not a moral crisis, it is a manufactured one. There is a place for legal immigration, and maybe even a guest worker program, but those who look to pass the United States Senate version of immigration reform are simply looking to buy the votes of future citizens.


Republicans who feel that fighting for a flat tax or border security is against their best interests as politicians need to come back to reality. Americans respect those who lead. The current make-up of Republican leadership is blinded by a misreading of the political scene. A vocal minority will always fight doing what is right.


So, why not do what is right and prove why true conservatism is a winning proposition, not something that one should apologize for.


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