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June 20, 2013

New York: The Big (Composted) Apple

Zachary Peters

As speculation over the candidates for the next mayoral election in New York City continues, so do Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ludicrous policies.


As if the rats in that city were not big enough, Mayor Bloomberg now plans to roll out a massive plan that would require people to separate their food scraps for compost piles from their normal garbage. There are similar pilot programs in place now, and the mayor’s office cites high participation in creating a more expansive version. While the program will start as voluntary, you better believe it will turn out to be mandatory with fines to face if you do not comply.


According to The New York Times, New York City has looked at implementing this program for years, as smaller cities have already done so. Among them are San Francisco and Seattle that are significantly smaller than New York, allowing an easier implementation of the program, according to The Times.


This large-scale policy would be just another in a laundry list of governmental regulations put in place by Mayor Bloomberg, who – ironically – does not belong to either political party. Despite his nanny-state requirements that look like they were formed in a dream scene of an Aaron Sorkin liberal television series, Mayor Bloomberg is not a Democrat.


How could you forget the infamous “soda ban” with a 16-ounce limit on sugary drinks? You can buy two “medium” sized drinks, but God forbid you buy a large one. Not only can you not throw your food away or order a large soda, smoking is widely restricted throughout the city, even in outdoor public areas.


Oh, and that food that you’re carefully scraping into a compost bin rather than your garbage better not have any trans-fat in it because those are banned, too. I’m not going to even mention buying a gun in the New York City because that’s virtually impossible. Plain and simple, if Mayor Bloomberg thinks it is bad for you, it must go. Period.


The problem is rooted much deeper than simply having your freedom restricted; it’s an insult to the peoples’ intellect. Mayor Bloomberg, and many liberal Democrats, truly must believe that society as a whole is not intellectually competent enough to decide whether filling your lungs with cigarette smoke is bad or not.


Even more so, these leaders believe you don’t have it in you to decide what size soda is best accommodating for your needs or health. It’s this self-righteous attitude that many politicians have – thinking they are better than we are due to a title – that is leading this country down a very dangerous path. As former Maryland senatorial candidate Dan Bongino so elegantly put it, “There are no elected officials, only elected representatives.”


As for Mayor Bloomberg, it’s amazing how someone that has accumulated a net worth of $27 billion in an extremely successful career in the free market can advocate for and implement such over-bearing governmental regulations. The New York mayoral election is set for November of 2013, and has brought out disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D). In recent polls, Anthony Weiner has shown significant male enhancement among voters.


As the election looms nearer, it will be interesting to see which candidates embrace Mayor Bloomberg’s crazy regulations and which ones denounce them.


Even more so, it will be interesting to see if Mr. Weiner can rise to the occasion.


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