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As Long as We Remember...

June 13, 2013

Smoking Gun? Focus Pointed in Wrong Direction

Blaine R. Young

A year or two ago we had what the press gleefully called the “Arab Spring.” This year, closer to home, we have had what I call the “Spring of Scandals.” Or, at least that’s what Republicans are hoping.


It all started with what was behind Door #1, allegations that available forces were not sent to rescue our people in Benghazi, Libya, and then the whole matter was covered up.


Second, we had revelations that the Justice Department, including the attorney general himself, was investigating reporters for doing their jobs in questioning people in government.


And now, we get a peek inside Door #3:  a whistleblower (or traitor as I would call him) tells a British newspaper that our federal government forces cell phone providers to turn over information of every call every one of us makes to anyone.


I find each of these matters interesting, but I seriously question whether we will ever see the “smoking gun” hoped for by opponents of the president.


What strikes me most about the daily developments in these matters is watching some of the people who reflexively spring to the defense of the Obama Administration. In many cases these are the same people who screamed outrage from the highest mountaintop any time President Georg W. Bush would so much as open a file on a suspected terrorist.


Has anyone seen the good congressman from Maryland, Elijah Cummings? No one opposed the Bush Administration more than Congressman Cummings, and yet he has been one of the most outspoken supporters of the president in the matter of the cell phone data collection.


And it is also very interesting that the mainstream media in this country never latched on to the Benghazi issue until it was accompanied by the hue and cry over the Justice Department snooping into the emails and cell phone records of journalists. Once Benghazi was paired with the AP reporters and the Fox News reporter, now your media stars had a reason to be outraged. Not because it was bad for the country, but because it was bad for them.


And another thing that strikes me about all this talk is the inconsistency it shows with how the Obama Administration treats terrorism. Immediately after our people were killed in Libya, the Obama Administration refused for months to use the words “terrorist” or “terrorism.” It was just a bunch of young people out expressing outrage over a movie. Remember?


In fact, since he has come in office, President Barack Obama has acted like terrorists don’t exist. Sure, there are criminals out there, just like somebody who knocks over a 7-Eleven. But we don’t have to deal with terrorists, because these people are just like us.


Well guess what Mr. President, they are not like us. We are at war with deviant, radical adherents to an interpretation of Islam that is abhorrent to civilized society. These people are not children going for a joy ride in a borrowed car.


Obviously, the administration understands this. That’s why it is collecting our cell phone data. And yet they will not publicly acknowledge that we have a major terrorism problem. If we don’t have a problem, why bother with the data collection?


We are told it is done to keep us safe. I’m fine with that. But stop lying to us and attempting to manipulate our thinking into something it is not.  We’re at war; be honest with us about it.


Many on the Republican side are rubbing their hands together in glee, thinking that somewhere there will be a smoking gun in one of these three so-called scandals. Personally, I doubt it. I may not think all that much of the president, but I don’t think he is dumb enough to have a recording system in the White House like President Nixon did.


If there is going to be a smoking gun, I’m convinced it will be an email. So many people nowadays avoid personal contact, and even telephone contact, at all costs. Emails are an easy impersonal way to communicate, and some people actually can type faster and clearer than they can speak. Somewhere, from somebody, there may be an email tying higher ups in the White House to one of these three supposed scandals. We’ll see.  But I doubt it, and I think we will have Barack Obama around for the rest of his term.


As I have said in other contexts, if you don’t like the people in office you have a remedy every four years. That’s where Republicans should be focusing – on 2016.


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