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June 12, 2013

Garagiola, Clagett & Young

Patrick W. Allen

Skeletons, thought to be long hidden and forgotten, resurface to haunt 2013 Frederick City, Maryland’s mayoral candidates.


From Mr. Garagiola’s resignation press release, "I want to spend more quality time with my children." "It is time for me to be a father first for them … which I have not been able to do while in public service."


As a sourced and factual aside: It is highly probable that his “personal services” have also taken him away from his children, which he now wants to recapture. Ducking out of the Maryland Senate in September, well ahead of his 2015 term expiration, raises questions regarding possible probes and investigations that would personally and professional damage not only Mr. Garagiola, but the Maryland Democratic brand as a whole.


In January 2012, direct correspondence to State Senate President, Thomas V. “Mike” Miller, and State Senate Deputy Majority Leader, Catherine Pugh, calling for an ethics investigation, resulted in a “no investigation, period” response from Senator Miller’s chief of staff and a personal phone call from Ms. Pugh in which she stated: “Senator Garagiola is an honorable man. I sit right behind him.” Oh, that’s rich. Senator Pugh can sit behind Senator Garagiola and see the honorability emanating from the crown of Mr. Garagiola’s head!


So, how do soon-to-be-former Senator Garagiola’s questionable lobbying connections and personal dalliances intersect with 2013 Frederick City Mayoral race candidates? Easily and directly!


First, there’s Galen Clagett, a not-so-much women’s rights advocate, using a derogatory term in referring to women toward women on several occasions as reported by an Annapolis legislative source that experienced his command of the English language first hand.


Then, there is Karen Marcia Lewis Young, an inexperienced politician serving as a freshman on the current Frederick City Board of Aldermen with an undistinguished record of performance and achievement. Each has thrown their hats into the ring to become Frederick City’s next mayor.


Unfortunately for Mr. Clagett and Ms. Young, serving as mayor requires good judgment, something which each have demonstrated is absent from their political make-up.


During October, 2011, Delegate Clagett and Alderman Young joined a number of establishment Democrats supporting the coronation of State Senate Majority Leader Robert Garagiola as the Democratic Party’s choice to run against a Republican opponent in the newly redrawn western Maryland congressional district. They provided their full-throated endorsements several months ahead of the January 9, 2012, filing deadline and certainly well before the full field of Democratic candidates were known.


Their actions not only demonstrated poor judgment, but questionable leadership skills. The “issues” surrounding Senator Garagiola have been an open secret in Annapolis and beyond for some time, but rather than showing leadership and breaking with the flock of elected and establishment Democratic sheeple, they simply followed the lead and went along with what they were told to do. Ms. Young took advantage of Facebook to spew vitriolic messages toward anyone who questioned her endorsement or the coronation.


Frederick City’s citizens should not and must not elect a card carrying follower as its next mayor. The city requires someone who has the chops to lead and manage the city during the turbulent chaos of Frederick County’s migration from a commissioner form of governance to charter form of governance – a new and sovereign form of government based on a 25-page executive summary document.


Galen Clagett does not deserve to be awarded a twilight position to complete his political career and check off another item on his personal bucket list. Karen Marcia Lewis Young is proof that the Young brand has become thread-bare and is no longer relevant to the future of Frederick City, Frederick County or representation in Annapolis.


Frederick City residents will be facing one of, if not the, most important mayoral races in its 268 year history. So, to the residents of Frederick City … do something historic. Set partisan politics aside and select a mayor based on their ability to lead, not their demonstrated ability to follow.


Garagiola, Clagett & Young … has a ring to it, a little bit like Dewey, Cheatham & Howe.


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