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June 10, 2013

What’s wrong with the government?

Patricia A. Kelly

If you didn’t know the answer, it’s politicians, that’s what! This week, I joined in a sharp exchange of words with my Texas cousin who leans so far to the left that I worry about his ear touching the ground.


The conversation began when he sent to his Republican female relatives some quotes he attributed to the Republican War on Women. The quotes include the following, from congressmen, during hearings in the past week: “Education troubles began when mothers started working.” “Liberalized policies encourage military sexual assault.” “It’s not sexist for men to be dominant over women. It’s science.” “Hormones found in nature drive men to sexual assault.”


I did hear some of this myself, I’m sorry to say. My ears are still hurting. This is not part of any war on women, though. It is idiocy. First, the remarks show unbelievable ignorance. Second, they are stupid because they show some kind of career death wish, as anyone with a brain from any of their districts' cannot possibly vote for any of them again. From my lips to God’s ears….


I did look up the supposed War on Women, and found it on a site called Move There is also a news site about the real war on women, taking place in the African Congo. That one is all too real.


Move’s list of evidence is too long to repeat, and too twisted to believe. I think they do mention – without being clear about it – Frederick County’s transfer of Head Start from county funding to funding by another entity. But you wouldn’t be able to tell, if you didn’t already know about it.


The thing that my cousin challenged me to do was to read the GOP Platform. Really read it. So I did.


Here is a short list of great ideas included in the 2012 GOP Platform:


·       Balanced budget amendment.


·       Restore constitutional order, eliminating activist judiciary.


·       Restore state’s and people’s rights in accordance with the 10th amendment.


·       Protect the Electoral College, to prevent election fraud.


·       Reform the Census, so apportionment of representatives is based on a count of citizens.


·       Create, per Thomas Jefferson, “A wise and frugal government.”


·       Economics of Inclusion.


·       Simplify the tax system. Make it simple, transparent, flatter and fair.


·       Federal spending test – Is it within the constitutional scope of the federal government? Is it effective and necessary, and important enough to justify borrowing?


·       Restore religious freedom.


To be fair, my concerns lie with same sex marriage and adoption. Religious organizations should not be forced to participate against their beliefs, so, in fairness to those who are gay, I favor a civil contract for everyone, followed by a church wedding when desired. I can’t believe that Catholic adoption agencies, mainstays of child placement, are being forced to violate their beliefs, or close. They should be allowed to continue with adoptions. I think the tax code should be flatter than the platform suggests.


There’s a lot more in the document, and I find it overall an outstanding blueprint for the running of our country, my few disagreements notwithstanding. Look it up yourself.


Would that all our Republican leaders were conducting themselves in accordance with this document instead of making stupid pronouncements. Would that all politicians would work to meet the needs of the people and the country, instead of working to make themselves look good.


I took a look at the Democratic Party platform, too, “Move America Forward.” Unlike the GOP platform, which listed in detail its proposals, the Democrats were vague, frequently mentioning Mitt Romney and even explaining what Republicans are thinking. I was impressed the writers could even tell what Republicans were thinking, as I have some difficulty reading minds. In any case, much of the rest of it was the words used in President Barack Obama’s speeches and commercials, so I felt that I had heard most of it, and found it short on specifics. Read this one, too. It’s good to know what people say they stand for.


A few excerpts include that Democrats are reclaiming the security of the middle class; that President Obama called for an “ambitious, transparent and unprecedented government-wide review of existing federal regulations;” and the “most open, efficient and accountable government.”


In light of the behavior of some of our government agencies, and the attorney general, perhaps the president should read it again, too, and send it around as a memo.


Some Republicans may have behaved stupidly this week, although none of them dressed up as Mr. Spock.


In any case, illegal trumps stupid any day.


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