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As Long as We Remember...

June 10, 2013

When will this privacy invasion end?

Steven R. Berryman

The cartoon depicts a presumably naked couple, under their sheets, in the privacy of their bedroom. A camera labeled “NSA” peeks under the sheets, to the horror of the lady.


Punch line: The man in the cartoon replies to his friend “If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about, honey!”


This cartoon recollection of mine is from years ago, but it obviously stuck – at least in my mind. We have been living with encroaching intrusiveness of our “security apparatus” almost since I can remember, worsening significantly after 9/11, but I heard a learned WMAL radio panelist of the liberal persuasion make this exact statement yesterday.


Noted big mouth radio talk show host Dr. Michael Savage rides this issue constantly, even when unpopular. He’s been designated as a crazy by those ignoring (or running cover for) this horrific issue, and is banned from travel to London by their equally Orwellian government.  Dr. Savage states that “He’s always lived his life as if everything he says and does becomes public in some way”…through police state style eavesdropping.


The mini-camera in your iPhone and laptops and HDTVs can be operated remotely, and every loudspeaker is a potential a microphone that can be tapped-into. Nothing on the Internet is secure.


Hundreds of thousands of cameras populate street corners of London, aided by custom facial recognition software, courtesy of Northrop-Grumman Corporation. The advertised purpose is to make policing cheaper, and to “keep honest people honest.” New York City and other large domains are doing the same. In some cases this is linked to microphones tuned to capture the sounds of gunfire and explosions, in an effort to respond quickly by triangulation.


Ah, the profits buried in “the war on terror!” But at what cost? Did we block the 9/11 attacks or the Marathon Bombers? The cost is in your civil liberty!


In reality, the cameras act as a deterrent mostly, and in the recent case of the beheading and slaughter of a British soldier on London Streets – captured on film – a 20-minute response time by police was the best they could do; it would have been a tardy clean-up effort only, except that the radical Muslim terrorist perpetrators waited patiently for execution by cop as a political statement.


The other news of the day, of course, are the four or five Obama Administration scandals involving corruption in the IRS, influence taking, and censorship of the Associated Press via records tampering and records collection. To date, a special-prosecutor has still not been assigned, and the Justice Department itself is under suspicion. Well, by all but the “compliant-media.


Governments can go bad; absolute power has been proven to absolutely corrupt every single time as measured by our history books as far back as they go.


And it has been demonstrated that the people can be cogitated into a faux political coma and convinced that they have no power to push back the rising tide of bad-acting. The “sheeple,” as subjugated into submission by constant recession and economic strife, must worry about the next paycheck, mortgage payment, and sometimes meal…instead.


All the while our fundamental problems in society are not being addressed, and taxes fund yet more cameras and electronic self-surveillance. It has been fully demonstrated that cash thrown at security measures since the attack on the World Trade Center has not stemmed terrorism, but impacts from the data collections of innocent citizens is turning regular people against the new oppressors…ourselves.


Mistrust of Government is at an all-time-high, even under the tutelages of our protector-in-chief, the anything but transparent president. This, despite promises to the contrary!


Will we toss up our arms in the air and give up, trusting those we clearly should not, and allow the camera under the bedroom sheets?


Certainly past performance is the best predictor of future behaviors. The problem is that new technological advances in data-collection, data mining, and surveillance techniques, aided by collusion with Google and Facebook addiction allow for worse and worst outcomes.


Something has got to give.



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