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As Long as We Remember...

June 6, 2013

The Essence of Public Service

Zachary Peters

Sir Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” That aspect of giving can be applied to public service.


There are a few names around Frederick County that specifically stand out right when you hear them: Roscoe Bartlett, Doc McClellan, Jim Grimes, Louise Snodgrass, Goodloe and Beverly Byron, or even Blaine Young, just to name a few. Some people might even call some of these people “Good Ol’ Boys.” In the Town of Mount Airy, one of those names is Delaine Hobbs.


On Monday, there was a special ceremony at the Mount Airy Town Hall honoring Mr. Hobbs for his 36 years of service to the town as an elected councilman. Even though he was a councilman, he was also far more than that: business owner, husband, father, ambulance crew member, volunteer fireman, and president of the Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Company – all while serving the town in elected office.


We can credit Mr. Hobbs for many of the improvements and aspects of Mount Airy that we still enjoy today. From implementing and improving the original sewer and wastewater system to having an open mind toward development, Mr. Hobbs always kept the needs of the town first rather than working on a personal agenda. This selfless behavior is rarely exemplified in politics today at all levels.


In his speech to the standing-room-only crowd that came out for the ceremony, Mr. Hobbs said that if it weren’t for his “pro-growth” attitude while in office, none of the sitting councilmen would be there today.


Mr. Hobbs consistently sacrificed time with his family for the betterment of the Town of Mount Airy in nearly every aspect. The majority of today’s public servants at the local level are focused on what is best for them – or their neighborhood – rather than the overarching needs of the community they represent.


Later in his remarks he referenced team work and how important that concept had been in all of his success in the town, yet another concept many elected officials simply cannot grasp.


If our nation would be lucky enough to have more dedicated and passionate servants such as Delaine Hobbs, we would truly live in a better country. We need more elected officials who are certain to govern based on their constituents’ needs, rather than their own. Not only that, but we need more elected officials who will sacrifice their personal time and feelings for the improvement of our nation. We deserve to have political leaders who aren’t afraid to serve in other capacities of the community, rather than just living off the fame of political office.


In essence, we need more men like Delaine Hobbs.


With all he the recent news coverage and excitement about next year’s elections, I challenge everyone to look at all of the candidates and ask yourself whether that individual would truly be the one who will consistently put your needs and the needs of your community in front of all else.


As a proud citizen of the Town of Mount Airy, I would like to thank Mr. Delaine Hobbs for everything he has done for our community and his nearly four decades of service.


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