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As Long as We Remember...

May 27, 2013

Clutching Your Guns in Maryland Activist Edition!

Steven R. Berryman

Between now and October 1st is your last best chance to acquire firearms and ammunition before “the O’Malley Gun Ban” becomes fully implemented. Although the federal attempt to do much the same to all of these United States stalled in Congress, Marylanders will be treated to their own special tyranny.


This takes me back to my firearms roots; memories flash as I worry for future generations that may be treated oppressively as in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.


Respect for firearms and our God-given constitutional protections, as afforded by our Founding Fathers in their eternal wisdom, has been a pet subject of mine for some 37 years, as I became a proud gun owner with eyes wide open at the earliest legal age.


At 18 I bought a .22 Magnum bolt-action rifle from a friend for plinking – legally without any paperwork needed. Purchased a 7mm Magnum Mark X shortly thereafter from Best Products with all of the proper gun transfer forms for a new purchase, and a lever action Model 1894 .44 Magnum rifle to boot.


On my 21st birthday I acquired a Smith & Wesson Model 39-2 9mm automatic pistol – nickel plated – from Herman’s Sporting goods in Rockville. And so it began.


Today I have purchased and sold many a classic firearms treasure. Some I have documented on the earliest pages of my gun blog


Blogging came to me quite naturally well before 9/11, but really took on a life of its own then. Clearly firearms and the Second Amendment needed active protection in a “use it or lose it” fashion; so I actively obliged!


Before long the National Rifle Association’s Chris Cox asked me to write a local article for their NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislation Action) monthly publication. My picture was included along with that of featured Senator Richard Shelby (R) of Alabama.


Yet I digress...


I urge every capable Marylander who has ever had an urge to purchase a firearm to do so shortly – certainly before October 1st to avoid the nightmare. At that time, handguns will be next to impossible to obtain legally.


You would suffer a months’ long backlog of processing, fees, forced fingerprinting at a State Police barracks, mandatory hands-on training at your expense at a certified facility – not even close to being available at the present, and shortages of the guns themselves due to demand.


As long as you have placed your orders prior to the exaction date of the new Maryland legislation, you will be okay to lawfully possess a handgun ahead of the new restrictions.


Collect ammunition in the calibers you intend to use (consider .22, .40, .223, .308, and various 12-gauge shotgun shells) any time in the future, even before you obtain the rifle, shotgun, or pistol itself. This will be hard, as shelves are bare and product is rationed to retailers because of Department of Homeland Security contracts written in order to deny you an ability to stockpile. In any type of civil insurrection, ammunition would be an ideal item to barter with.


As we now know from the recent Internal Revenue Service investigation and other scandals in our government, what happens behind the screen of power – which is proven to be anything but transparent – will not be explained to you. When it is, it will be a distortion. We must judge by what we observe, as opposed to what we are told, and deduce our actions from that perspective.


Steps are being taken to disarm the American people. Government fears the people and seeks to control them more with each passing opportunity. Checks and balances and oversight by Congress have failed and have been corrupted.


Something is going to happen. Something the government projects and anticipates, but will not explain. A breakdown of society? A financial disaster causing a run on banks and grocery stores as individual states become insolvent and seek aid that is not available. U.S. currency devalued and refused as the worlds “reserve currency?” Inflation causing massive food shortages? Continued moral disintegration and flight from religion that binds honest men?


Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins has shared on several occasions that local law enforcement cannot protect the people all by itself. Law enforcement has become reactive and is losing an ability to be protective by the day. The people must become more self-sufficient as budgets are cut and meager resources are spread thin. Currently our Sheriff’s Department is already covering for Maryland State Police shortages in certain areas.


To compound the problem, Britain’s MI-6 Military Chief (their FBI) recently stated: “We cannot protect you [the people] against Muslim terror attacks.” This is all the more chilling as a London soldier was beheaded in a terrorist attack and it took the Bobbies 20 minutes to respond.


Followers of the Obama Administration’s agenda have noted that socialist tendencies now are permeating our great nation. We are becoming more like Europe every day. Our pattern of accepting illegal immigration is exactly like theirs. Sweden is under armed attack almost daily now; cars ablaze.


The future will belong to those most prepared, and most aware of where we are headed. Activism in all forms is essential to protect our greatness against a tide that would dilute our culture and make us a tad bit too global.


Wake up. You have been warned. Tell a friend.


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