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September 12, 2003

Simple-Minded Modes Of Discrimination

David 'Kip' Koontz

I have been trying for over a week or so to write something. But I find that I am not motivated.

Thought about writing about bikes in the park. But what's that? Kid rides bike. Kid violates law. Kid gets caught. Kid gets $25 ticket and makes front page of paper.

Citizens cry "foul," so ticket gets dropped and laws are revisited.


Get run over by one of these sweet innocents in the park on their bike, scooter (electric, too), skateboards, inline skates or rollerblades and see if you think sharing an all too-small-walkway with vehicles is a bright idea.

That goes for the adults who ride them as well.

Of course, it is all about responsibility, right?

Tell that to the two adults, whose children of about 12 and 10, who drove in to the back of a neighbor friend on their electric scooters as she walked through Baker Park and hollered at her "to get the h**l out of our way."

Their parents, who simply shrugged their shoulders, were also zipping along on their electric scooters.

Thought about writing about Commissioner Mike Cady and his car flap.

Seems he just can't seem to stay within the guidelines, but, hey, he runs a weightlifting center to help children, so it is okay, right?

Of course, hope you never have to rent from him. Rumor has it there are a lot of folks on his list to whom he wouldn't rent because he deems them immoral.

But that is a different matter altogether.

Instead of giving up his computer, his cell phone, his car and all the "trappings" that he feels will save taxpayers money, why doesn't he just resign and we'll funnel his pay back into county coffers?

Every little bit helps, and, well, maybe there won't always be a 3-2 vote.

Thought about writing about Herzonner Dougherty's plan to possibly dole out basketball hoops to all comers, but I don't play basketball so I don't care.

Maybe the Mayor and Board of Aldermen will form a team and play the likes of the Harlem Globetrotters.

Or donkey ball.

I thought about writing about the air show flying from town. But it seems that everything revolves around profit these days and if the air show doesn't somehow show a justifiable profit to the city it doesn't matter, right?

It will to some.

I thought about writing about Steven Walker's pathetic attempts to say that the arrests and need for life-flight helicopters at his location of XII, or X-2 as it is pronounced, has nothing to do with his establishment.

If you provide the location and the liquor, you bear some of the responsibility of what your patrons do on your parking lot.

I am happy that it is a county problem and not a city one now.

And what about France and Germany's attitude toward Mr. Bush's too late attempts to ask for United Nations help with the problem called Iraq?

Can we blame them, really?

Mr. Bush didn't want anyone's help to begin with, but now he does with one catch: other countries will supply money and people power but have no say in how the operation is run.

It might also be safe to say that since all his political chums have gotten those fancy-schmancy no bid contracts to control the reconstruction of Iraq and the oil in Iraq, the U.N. extras would most likely not get any financial contribution for their help.

There has been a lot going on that I thought I should write about, but frankly I really haven't cared enough to sit down, analyze it and put it to paper.


Because, it has been clearly demonstrated to me that I am considered a second class citizen by the elected officials and many, many citizens of Frederick.

And that has me frustrated.

While it may not mean much to many of you, if it does to any of you, but when the Frederick County Commissioners chose to do nothing to forward the Human Relations Commission's request to include sexual orientation as a protected class in Frederick County, they did just that.

To make one class of citizens traverse to Baltimore City to have a hearing if they believe they were discriminated against is unjust and wrong.

To have four commissioners sit silently after Commissioner Jan Gardner motioned the proposal forward, demonstrates to me that the issue is viewed as not being a topic even worth a legitimate conversation, let alone a topic for approval.

In listening to conversations about this matter I often heard gays (which the law does not exclusively protect) disrespectfully referred to in terms such as "those people," "them," "their kind" and so on, followed generally by comments such as "don't deserve protections because they are sinners," and the like.

I will not even address that aspect but I was dumbstruck that these were people I know. People I interact with through civic work, political work, my daily life.

The reason I was dumbstruck is that I questioned whether or not they realized that when they referred to "those people," "their kind," etc., that I was one of "those people" to whom they were referring?

They either choose to ignore that fact, forgot about it, or see me that way, but tolerate me. Either way, they are still in effect saying that I don't deserve equal protection under the law.

And that has me thinking.

Why give to this community? Why give to local charity? Why care, if people are willing to say that I, along with the rest of "those people," should continue to experience institutionalized discrimination in Frederick County?

I do not, at this time, really have an answer because all I do now is look at people and think, "do they only see me for one aspect of my life?" and "why do they not care that I am deemed unequal under the law?"

You may be one of those who don't see the situation this way, or see me as one of "those people," but, for now, I need to let you know, that when I look at you I will be thinking that quite possibly you are.

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