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May 24, 2013

Numbers in the News from 37 and 45

Harry M. Covert

Just like the boon to reporters from the Milhous Mess of the 37th president, amnesia emanating from the current 0ccupant, re-ignites the Fourth Estate. Seems like a good thing too, returning the gabblers and scribblers to their real job.


This genuine task for them is to get back into the business of newsgathering, not woolgathering, and not just taking down handouts so easily distributed by the high-priced flaks.


It is easy for some to accept willy-nilly the government talking points thereby saying as gospel truth just what the ins want the outs to believe.


The result of all this, as has been read and seen, has led to the incredible and illegal intrusion into the professional and private email (electronic mail) of reporters. No citizen or reporter should ever be the subject of eavesdropping; but it’s done every day.


Naturally, officialdom, beginning at the highest levels, even above the presidential press secretary, gasp (just as children with their hands in the cookie jar), deny, plausible or not, change the subject, fib, obfuscate, act befuddled, make every effort to get above and beyond the matter, and then hide behind Fifth Amendment.


These are journalistic joys, to be frank. The supposed leaders can take some credit. Young and old reporters-journalists can return to their work, rebuilding sources and reporting straight news and realize that the Fourth Estate is vital to the business of free speech, democracy and the free flow of ideas.


The ambuscades from public officials are alarming to say the least.


While tragedies continue to unfold, again, they are clear reminders that leaders are in the business of changing the nation whether wanted or not. These events effect every level of government.


The imperial presidency in the 1970s was disgraceful. In the early days, lots of people were wearing wristwatches with the image of Maryland’s former governor, whose orations were something to behold (thanks to journalists turned speech writers). He was the 39th vice president.


People bought the time pieces for $14.95, while “friends” brought the vice president bags of money to his Senate office.


Today, there seems to be an evanescent presidency. It’s most noticeable as No. 1’s challenge is to keep smiling and denying. He’s determined to change the nation. He’s getting away with it, but the trials of office are beginning to show. The graying of his hair has become more noticeable.


Events that led to Watergate (the break-in of the Democratic headquarters), can be contrasted to the tapping reporters and news agencies telephones and computers.


Every letter arriving from the “revenooers” (Internal Revenue Service) brings shivers to recipients. It is not right for the IRS to snoop.


It’s difficult to understand why No. 37 would use the tax collectors to beat up on his adversaries. He did. He had to resign.


It’s difficult to understand why No. 45 would use the tax collectors to arouse the print and broadcast media. Of course, he supports freedom of the press and free speech. After all, he’s been recipient of the best press coverage since the days of the would-be royal presidency, No. 35.


Who will be the next Woodward and Bernstein?


Probably a broadcast journalist, maybe one or two with blond hair, short skirts and nice knees.


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