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May 23, 2013

It’s Time To Do Better…

Patricia A. Kelly

If you were a fan, you might feel kind of sorry for President Barack Obama right now, with all that he is facing. I don’t.


He is under fire because of the Benghazi cover up. Too bad he was able to keep it quiet until after the election. Other concerns include the Internal Revenue Service targeting, of conservative groups, delaying their applications for tax exempt status; the Justice Department’s appropriation of AP reporters’ phone and email records, as well as a targeted investigation of two FOX news reporter who obtained information about Korea from a State Department employee, and reported it, perfectly normal behavior for a reporter.


Our president denies involvement or knowledge of these events, just as he denied knowing what type of attack occurred in Benghazi. He doesn't even appear to know where he was that night. He has either been too busy or too unaware to have a clue as to what is going on in his own government, or he has created an environment where lies and secret investigations of innocent people without their knowledge is considered okay.


We’ve been watching our president traveling the country for years, finding ordinary people facing troubles, successes, or tragedies, and pulling them forward into the spotlight to promote his agenda. We’ve watched him spend much of his presidency campaigning, hugging little old ladies out in the hinterlands. Now he is traveling to commencement exercises, talking about how people of color can be president.


How exciting that Barack Obama, a person of color, was elected president. It was beyond time. We are, however, all people of color, although some of us are paler than others. We all walk and talk and breathe, and put on our pants in the same way. We all hurt. We all love.


A long time ago, Caucasian immigrants did some bad things to both Native Americans and to other people of color who were enslaved and sold out of Africa, not to mention women. Nobody living in the U.S. today did those things.


It was more than time for us to elect a person of color, or a woman as president.


Tragically, this president, while cocking his head, pursing his lips and then smiling his beautiful smile on his legions of fans, has either stood by or promoted the taking of unconscionable liberties with the rights of his citizens.


When he was re-elected, those of us who were not very happy with the outcome, gave him and his team a lot of credit for an excellent campaign. The technology used by his campaigners to stay in touch with prospective voters and their acquaintances was very impressive. It should not be used to intrude upon the lives of law abiding citizens.


I spent election day at a polling place where people of color and from other countries told me they voted for President Obama again because he was trying, or because he was a nice guy, because he was black, or because he understood them.


Would that this man had spent his time running his office well and negotiating effectively with his governing partners, instead of sucking up to and playing upon the emotions of just enough formerly disenfranchised people to win re-election.


Instead, he has squandered an incredible opportunity and failed the American people, all of us who put on our pants, love our children, live and die in the same way. Instead of making us even happier and proud that our society finally broke the color barrier in a presidential election, this president has increased the divide between people of different colors, races, genders and nationalities.


Eric Holder, our president’s attorney general, in the face of serious concerns about how he does business, even had the audacity to suggest that he was under attack because he and President Obama are African Americans.


It’s time for an end to this. It’s time for all of us citizens of the United States of America to applaud our sameness, and to demand that this government display the transparency it promised, and, more important, restore our privacy, our free press, our rights as individuals, and our right to have our tax money guarded and spent as if we hired the people spending it, which we did.


Let’s all look past his color, live in the present, and look to a future of fairness and freedom for all. Let’s hold Barack Obama accountable for his actions, and demand that he do better.


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