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May 23, 2013

Lies, Scandals, Deceits

Zachary Peters

Does anyone really know the difference between Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Barrack H. Obama? One was a Republican who was ousted from office after a scandal, and the other is a Democrat, shielded by the media, who is currently juggling three scandals at once.


It’s hard to choose which scandal is the worst, but the one at the Internal Revenue Service stands out the most. If you are not familiar, the IRS has targeted specific non-profit organizations based on their political affiliation or belief. To no surprise, these targeted groups have ties with the Tea Party – certainly they have no liberal ties. The IRS, and by default the Obama Administration, has set out on a quest to rid of any opposition.


When targeted, these conservative organizations were subject to more scrutiny and government investigation than others. Of course, the top-level officials and even the White House have denied any involvement. Meanwhile, the lower level IRS staff has said they cannot make decisions on their own, with one official going as far as to say that “everything comes from the top.”


So, how has President Obama reacted to this growing scandal?


Well when he’s not outside having esteemed members of the United States Marines hold an umbrella over his head, he’s quietly directing top-level IRS officials to resign. However he failed to point out that they were already planning to do so in the very near future. Not to mention, one of the IRS officials in charge during the Tea Party targeting has now been put in charge of running the Obamacare enforcement office at the IRS. How fitting! A corrupt government official guilty of targeting specific groups based on their political views has now been put in charge of deciding who receives healthcare coverage.


Not only is the White House shuffling corrupt government bureaucrats around to other arms of the government, but the White House has also known about this IRS scandal since April. Funny how it is all coming out now…


As reported on


“President Obama’s top lawyer was notified in April that the Treasury Department’s inspector general had finished an audit of the Internal Revenue Service and uncovered the targeting of conservative groups….”


This clearly indicates a major communication barrier within the White House, brazen ignorance, or maybe even an attempt at a cover-up. Needless to say, new information and new stories are coming from the White House on a daily basis.


The IRS is certainly not the only focus in the news these days; the Department of Justice has also been involved in its fair share of illegal activity. Not only were phone records from Associated Press reporters obtained, but also now the Justice Department has targeted reporters and a producer from Fox News. Two reporters, including chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen, and a producer from Fox News were subjects of governmental subpoena but never notified of any sort of investigation. Personal emails, phone records, and even the movements of James Rosen in the State Department building were all combed through as part of the investigation.


We once lived in a country where our elected officials were held accountable for the illegal activity that went on during their watch. This was also a time of free press where reporters could do their job without the fear of being overheard by government investigators.


This kind of tyrannical behavior within the Executive Branch is not only dangerous, but also unconstitutional. You better believe that if President Obama were a Republican, the liberal media would have him out office by the close of business on the first day the scandal broke.


Since this column is rather critical of the Obama Administration and federal government, I’m preparing to have my phone tapped and email hacked. Stay tuned.


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