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May 23, 2013

New Anti-Gun Law Is Bad Legislation

Chris Cavey

Gov. Martin O'Malley won the first battle with the passage of The Firearms Safety Act of 2013 – otherwise known as the "gun bill" during this past legislative session. But the “war” goes on…


 Adding insult to injury the bill signing was turned into a two-hour party celebrating the infringement of gun owner rights in our state. Waiting in the wings is the next act… advertisements praising the legislation and those who voted for it!


The group Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence knows "the other side" will be attacking legislators who voted for this intrusive legislation. They intend to start the brainwashing process via ads on television. They will be aggressive and will spend an undisclosed amount of money "educating" the public.


The National Rifle Association and other pro-gun groups are powerful lobby organizations in Washington. However, in the Peoples Republic of Maryland the effect could be less. Maryland's urban and many suburban areas are filled with voters who are blinded by partisan politics and represented by legislators who are far left of center and having no fear of NRA infiltration into their leftist fiefdoms.


In a recent Baltimore Sun article Senator James Brochin, a Democrat representing central Baltimore County's, claims more than 100 people have told him they owned one of the newly banned guns. Yet he was quoted: "I've had people ask me about abortion and this or that, but not one person – not one – has asked me about my gun vote…" Guess he is not knocking doors in the same neighborhood as I am!


I, too, am a candidate for State Senate and Senator Brochin's seat is my goal. As I have knocked on doors, more than one gun owner has used "a little foul language" when brandishing an opinion about the senator's vote. I will grant his "Rain Tax" vote is more of a topic at the doors in the more suburban neighborhoods; however, it is easy to pick out the gun owners in any neighborhood as they are unforgiving with their opinions.


This anti-gun law is a 62-page measure filled with regulations to inhibit those who hold the Second Amendment dear. It is not an easy law to understand if you want to delve into the minutia of each part. A basic synopsis is – each of the nine parts limits your freedom. It is just that simple. Everyone knows it is a bad piece of legislation, even most Democrat legislators who voted for it!


Conversely, when the ads paid for by Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence start their message they will be simple too – guns are bad, gun owners are bad, legislators who voted for this bill protected us from bad people. Another uncomplicated message will be directed at simple minds absorbed in the mindless entertainment of television.


I know several legislators who voted for his bill. They are not "bad people." Some reflect the will and make up of their districts and are actually voting, as their constituency asked – but not Senator Brochin.


It is true gun groups, pro-gun citizens and those who support the U.S. Constitution will target legislators who voted for this gun ban – regardless of the outcome of any proposed court case. Senator Brochin is, however, wrong in this statement that "…they are trying to make this an issue." There is no need to "try;" it is an issue and it will not go away regardless of his wishes or any advertisement barrage mounted by those who don't understand basic freedoms.


Bring on the media blitz… I'll keep knocking doors and defending freedom.


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