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As Long as We Remember...

May 14, 2013

The Tragedy Surrounding the Tragedy

Steve Gottlieb

September 11, 2012, once again showed the United States, for all its strength, is still not impervious to attack. U.S. soil overseas was violated by a group of heavily armed terrorists and four Americans were killed, including our ambassador to Libya. What happened next only magnifies the tragedy of that day.


The attack itself was bad enough and was obviously a terrorist act. However, that is not what our government told us. In the immediate aftermath and for a few weeks after, the Obama Administration tried to convince America that Benghazi was only a demonstration against an anti-Muslim film ostensibly portraying the prophet Mohammad in a bad light. For that reason alone our embassy was attacked, our ambassador murdered and sodomized, one other State Department employee killed along with two former Navy SEALs, who also lost their lives when they unselfishly and heroically fought to rescue and defend U.S. citizens even though that was not their job.


Not only did the administration lie to us about the cause of the attack, but as a result of blaming the video, an American citizen, who allegedly produced the video, sits in jail on probation violation charges; yet no one responsible for perpetrating the attack is in custody or even close to being brought to justice.


So instead of looking for our attackers, the Obama Administration found a fall guy to blame. Rightfully, Congress – on behalf of the American people who deserve to know what happened and why – started to ask questions and hold hearings. That is when it became clear a major cover-up was in the offing.


Congressional committees looking into the issue were denied access to files and personnel pertinent to the investigation. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton even managed to declare – glibly with self-righteous indignation – “what difference does it make” why our people were killed. Just within the last couple of weeks, when it became clear whistleblowers were coming forward to dispute the administration’s claims, Jay Carney, the president’s spin meister claimed this happened a “long time ago” insinuating Benghazi was a non-issue; the figment of Republican partisan politics.


Even worse, the media, which is supposed to be the public’s watchdog against corrupt government, refused to objectively cover the issue. With the exception of Fox News, other news outlets tried to trumpet administration talking points about Benghazi.


When the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held hearings with whistleblowers last week, ranking member Elijah Cummings (D., MD) insinuated listening to whistle-blowers was nothing but Republican political theater, a witch hunt. Most Democrats are trying to avoid looking into this issue. Appearances indicate they have no interest in finding out why four American’s died and their multiple requests for assistance went unanswered.


The question is why?


Why did four Americans die that day?


Why does the administration want to cover-up what really happened?


Why won’t the media do its job and report the truth as it unfolds.


Why don’t Democrats want to uncover the truth?


Why did warning signs go unheeded?


Why the loss of four Americans is less important than Democrat party politics?


The attack took place just a few weeks before the presidential election. Admitting that terrorists successfully attacked us again at that time could have a negative impact on the election.


Remember, the administration was touting the fact that al Qaeda was decimated and defeated. That, of course, was not true, but made a good story since Osama bin Laden was brought to justice on President Barack Obama’s watch. This would also be the first successful terrorist attack on American soil since September 11, 2001.


It would certainly call into question at a very sensitive time the efficacy of the president’s policy of reaching out to the Muslim community, which is an abject failure as can be seen with the rise of terrorist backed regimes in Libya and Egypt along with the continued march toward nuclear weapon development by Iran. It can be seen in the increased terrorist presence in Syria and the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government against its own people. This is only some general observation about the Middle East. It does not take into account issues in other areas of the world.


There really is no good reason not to send help when requested by our personnel on the ground in Benghazi. The refusal to do so sealed their fate. By refusing to send help, then trying to cover up the events of that day, the administration is complicit in the murder of four Americans. The tragedy surrounding Benghazi is the failure of the administration to truthfully address the real cause of the attack, continuing to cover-up what really happened and lying to the American people.


The ultimate tragedy here is the American people don’t seem to care. A quick view of blogs and social media show a split down ideological lines as to how important it is to find out what happened. Those mostly identified by the term conservative are upset about the events in Benghazi and want those culpable held accountable. Those identified as liberal (Democrats in particular) just want this to go away. It is more important to them that their false narrative of hope and change goes untarnished. They seem to deny there was a problem and Republicans are just wasting time.


All Americans should want the truth so lessons can be learned in the hope more people don’t die needlessly. Yet the majority of vocal and visible liberals just don’t seem to care.


Four American’s are dead, our foreign policy is failing and they don’t care, yet they demonize those who do in an effort to silence legitimate questions and to protect an administration and president failing the American people and whose policies help to kill Americans in the process.




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