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May 9, 2013

What’s Next for Governor O’Malley?

Zachary Peters

As his second term begins to wind down, politicos nationwide are speculating on what Martin O’Malley will do following his two terms as Maryland’s governor.


In his position as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, Mr. O’Malley has gained national notoriety and has become a key player within the Democratic Party. From the national Sunday talk show circuit to passing sweeping progressive reforms throughout Maryland, he has certainly been gearing up for something big.


While it is no secret that Governor O’Malley has his eyes set on the presidency, recent polling is discouraging for him. The latest Qunnipiac poll puts Democratic support of him at a whopping 1%. On the contrary, Hilary Clinton received an overwhelming 65% and Joe Biden was second with 13% support. It should come as no surprise that if Hilary decides to run in 2016, she would be the presumptive nominee.


So, where does that leave Governor O’Malley?


In the 2008 Democratic Party primary, he was a strong supporter of Hilary Clinton’s campaign; and, given her 65% polling, he will likely continue to do so. Maybe just maybe, he will be chosen as Hilary’s running mate in the 2016 Presidential election. While passing the most expansive gun control legislation in the nation and over 30 new taxes on Maryland citizens, Governor O’Malley seems like the perfect guy Democrats would want in the White House (at least in some capacity).


Whether repealing the death penalty, passing the gun control legislation, or the excessive taxation, his recent record is – without a doubt – a preview of what an O’Malley presidency (or vice presidency) would look like. Hopefully the American voters as a whole have better judgment than the Maryland voters.


But there’s a long time between now and the 2016 elections and a huge gubernatorial race in the middle that will choose O’Malley’s successor. Can you imagine what Mr. O’Malley’s polling percentage would be if his successor was a Republican? He has already come out in support of his current lieutenant governor, Anthony Brown, in the 2014 gubernatorial race. If you didn’t like Governor O’Malley, chances are Anthony Brown will be the same kind of governor.


There’s a lot of time before the 2016 race gets heated, and even more infighting among the Maryland Democratic Party before the 2014 gubernatorial race to occur before a clear nominee is selected.


In the mean time, go buy a gun while you still can and let’s pray it doesn’t rain too much so we don’t lost our paychecks to the “rain tax.”


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