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As Long as We Remember...

April 30, 2013

“It’s going to be a bumpy ride…”

Farrell Keough

I resign!


No, not from – this last month was simply a hiatus due to unforeseen situations and responsibilities.


The resignation is from the Republican Party. As Ronald Reagan noted in 1962, “… the party left me.”


Consider some recent and long-term actions.


Since President Reagan, we got the Bush family. President George H. W. Bush could not even keep a simple promise of no new taxes. President George W. Bush, (a truly remarkable man and leader in many ways) utilized the skills of Karl Rove and the concept of “Compassionate Conservative.” No one can even tell you what that means.


Our state Republican Party (MDGOP) couldn’t even muster the capability to recognize a needed change must take place and they relied on the status quo. There were some genuine opportunities for real change during the last election and the MDGOP decided instead to go to other states rather than utilize their support for needed votes in Maryland.


But these are simply manifestations of the real problem. As noted in my last column, the issue is the “insiders” of the party and people whose careers are completely based on retaining these positions of power and authority.


Now, of course, this is not unique to the Republican Party – the Democratic Party has precisely the same “insider” structure.


The point is simple – “We the People” have no say what-so-ever in the election of our national or state-wide representatives! The “insiders” decide in advance who supports their agenda and not only will the funding go to that person, but they will go a step further and undermine any challenger. We have been sold a pack of lies and an ideology that is false – regardless your political sway.


Does this mean the possible start of a new party? Unlikely – attempts at this have proven just as ill-fated as the current system. Consider how many “insiders” have tried to overtake the Tea Party – the entire point of the Tea Party was the amazing level of unity with no leadership. Those attempting to usurp this movement have only their own personal agenda, which leads us right back to the origin of the problem.


The only logical recourse is disassociation from the fallacy of this two-party system. What this will lead to is unknown, but it most assuredly will be an interesting trip.


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