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As Long as We Remember...

April 30, 2013

Some Imagination and Some Courage

Steve Gottlieb

Things happen fast in today’s age of round-the-clock news and high speed communications. The amount of data concerned citizens must assimilate in order to assess the efficacy of their government at all levels is astronomical. It is virtually impossible to stay informed of all issues affecting our lives.


Our political leaders take advantage of the information overload by inundating us with witty sounding talking points developed to catch someone’s ear while, hopefully, not being scrutinized by someone with the wherewithal to actually look at details and ask questions. Their strategy is to keep us dazed and confused so they can enact an agenda designed to consolidate their power and increase their control of our daily lives. Most American’s are so busy trying to make ends meet in a terrible economy they don’t even realize this assault on their senses.


We are being indoctrinated to think that the government is here to help and that it is the only solution to any problem. After all, that’s what the catchy phrase says, right? If our elected leaders say it, it must be true; that’s what we learned in school. Our leaders can be trusted for they have our good foremost on their minds.


So, what happens while most of us are hard at work just trying to make ends meet? What is the outcome we are witnessing given the current ebb and flow of events and the political spin used to describe them to an overburdened, overstressed and frightened public? There are one or two issues at each level of government that can provide clarity and context to these questions.


At the national level, we are feeling the effects of cuts due to sequestration. These are mandated cuts championed by the president, approved by a complicit congress and sold as the “Fail Safe” point that our leaders would not let us reach in their budget negotiations. It was a great sales pitch. We, the people, bought it. No budget deal was approved and the cuts were put into place.


Here is where it gets even more interesting. While the amount of money being spent is an increase over previous years, just not as much as the White House or Democrats in congress wanted, implementation of sequestration and the rhetoric by the president and his party would indicate departments were receiving less money with which to operate than in previous years.


Since that is not true, there should be no need for any furloughs or other cuts that impact our lives. Yet the president insists, and there are memos from within administration that recently saw daylight, which seems to indicate attempts are being made to ensure American’s feel “the pain” in the president’s efforts to score political points.


There is no sense of what is best for America; only what is best for President Barack Obama and the Democrats in their quest to spend more money. You would think with a $16 trillion debt, which continues to increase at a meteoric pace, the need to cut spending would be apparent. Let’s also remember this administration is sending arms, modern sophisticated arms, to terrorists in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and guns to Mexican drug cartels as seen in the Fast and Furious debacle. Again, these things are not in our country’s best interest, but do help certain people solidify power.


At the state level, we in Maryland continue to see out-of-control spending as our legislature just passed a budget that increases our spending by $1.5 billion dollars, while finding numerous new taxes to heap upon a faltering state economy. Our state is going broke, businesses are leaving the state and so did 33,000 Maryland residents, according to at least one report.


Don’t forget that while our state political leaders are entertaining us with their political wit and wisdom, they are also working to take away our constitutionally acknowledged and preexisting Second Amendment rights; the primary right responsible for defending all others. Oh, they tell us it is common sense and “for the children;” but in reality, it is all about power and control. Remember, once you give up your rights for the sake of “common sense” in order to feel “safe,” you will cease to be safe as your freedom is lost and you will be at the mercy of tyrants.


Around the country the same holds true for local governments as well. Out-of-control spending, assaults on our Second Amendment rights and what we can eat are only a few issues we face. It sounds hostile, doesn’t it? Well it is. However, in Maryland, there is one bright spot where things are being done right. That is here in Frederick County.


That’s right, Frederick County can be held as a model for the whole country to see how government should work. Four of our five county commissioners worked and are working very hard against persistent attacks to ensure our county government fulfills its obligations without overstepping constitutional boundaries. Opponents don’t want us to see it can be done; it destroys their claims to the contrary. Commissioners Blaine Young, Paul Smith, Kirby Delauter and Billy Shreve promised to bring fiscal responsibility to government, do away with onerous regulations, reduce taxes and make Frederick County more business friendly; and they are doing just that.


On April 14, 2013, Commissioner Delauter wrote an Op-Ed piece in The Frederick News-Post delineating their accomplishments in living up to their campaign promises. It’s quite an impressive list given it was all done in their first two years in office.


So, how did they manage to do it, to show government can be responsible and less intrusive in our lives? They had a vision of what our county should be and the courage to carry out that vision for the good of the county.


Vision and a little courage is all it takes.


Thanks, guys.


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