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April 23, 2013

Republicans Shoot Own Feet—Again!

Roy Meachum

National Republicans must look no further to examine what went wrong last November. Mitt Romney was their latest victim. Whomever Democrats name their candidate will triumph in 2016.


GOP senators guaranteed the other party’s triumph Wednesday when they rejected background checks to prevent criminals and people with psychological problems from obtaining guns. The measure failed to get the necessary 60 votes, 54-46, despite the general population is in favor by 90 percent – to the background checks. That was the National Rifle Association’s position for years, until the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre changed his mind.


In my last Tuesday’s column (“Last National Republican, Turn Light Out,” April 16, 2013) I discussed the Republican National Committee’s steady resolution condemning same-sex marriage. Along the way, I mentioned repeated efforts at cutting the political throat of Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady; he has survived thus far because he has the backing of the state’s senor U.S. senator, Mark Kirk.


That column concluded: “Locally, personality matters most. But will the last national Republican, please turn off the light?”


Instead, the day after, the GOP took a stance against a background checks on every possible gun owner, to weed out criminals and those who have emotional problems. The day before, in the Boston Marathon massacre of three people and the mangling of 170, some severely wounded and others so lightly that they walked away. Had the measure passed: the pair of immigrant brothers would not so easily procure weapons and explosives, as they were able.


The anger of the public has increased further since last Wednesday.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., NV) held a news conference to say he voted “Nay” on the bill, to keep open the possibility that the background measure could be revived. I don’t share his optimism.

The Republican elephants are out of control. There is a real danger they might damage severely the structure of the republic. As I discussed last week, the GOP came into existence because of slavery, has continued on buoyed by personalities, like Dwight David Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan. The last GOP president, George W. Bush, was elected because of stolen ballots, affirmed by the Republican-dominated Supreme Court; he was re-elected because of fear.


The United States desperately needs a party in the middle, balanced between the liberal Democrats and the right-wing GOP. Many Americans, as I said, will vote left because Republicans offer no acceptable choice.




I’ve chosen and boosted Republicans in several elections, including General Eisenhower and Mr. Reagan.


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