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As Long as We Remember...

April 15, 2013

Tax Avoidance Day 2013

Steven R. Berryman

Happy Federal Tax Day, America. Thinking about your unhappy plight, you citizens that procrastinated for the last three months. Were you disturbed about the possibility that your government could not spend your hard-won earnings more smartly than you could? Owe more than you paid-in?


Or is it the amount due that’s bothersome? You know, we didn’t always have an “income tax” in our nation. We even maintained a decent standing army without one.


Many procrastinators clutched their money to the last because they lacked deductions that would make amounts taxed more acceptable.


It’s quite fortunate for the Internal Revenue Service that your employers have automatically withheld cash from your check all year. The pain of what you never quite had is lessened; imagine for a moment that you were paid weekly in $20 bills. Suppose that for every five of them you received for your toil and labor that you had to take one of them and mail it to Washington for purposes sometimes removed from your personal interests.


What do you get in return for about a 20 percent cut? You get defense. Well, except for defense against foreign invaders at our borders. Well, except for rounding up those who overstay lawful entry visas. And you do get invasive airport security that is so gross that many refuse to fly. You get airport control towers that are so expensive we can no longer man them (because airplane ticket fees bought Metro). You get foreign wars fought in the name of regional stability in order to continue the supply of crude oil for gasoline. Gulf War One was advertised as a necessary step to keep gas prices down. We’d pay for Middle-Eastern adventures from their oil reserves and use it to keep American prices down. How’d that work out?


Your taxes fund an Environmental Protection Agency that mandates additives and concoctions that drive prices crazy on a national basis.....and then will not approve new refineries! You get a Department of Education that assures uniformly ordinary education that gets dumbed-down enough for all to graduate. You get a push from a Department of Energy for un-economical energy sources like wind and solar that cost as much as they consume, when your tax dollars as subsidy are removed! The same department will not license new nuclear reactors for electricity production.


Yep, it makes the taking easier as a “payroll deduction,” just like taking money and converting it into chips for Black Jack at the casino. YOUR tax money, is at once converted to a token; had its essence already disappeared? Did your money as chips already seem to be property of the gambling house, and you knew it would eventually be given back?


Enjoy mortgage deductions and student loan deductions while you can. You may now start to see the whittling away of these benefits of society, and a reduction of amounts to incent couples to have children, due to the bankrupting-spending of our nation; the cash has to come from somewhere... because governments do not create wealth.


But pity the honest taxpayer:  federal tax may be the big ticket when it comes to your involuntary contribution to society, but that’s nothing when you compare that number to all of the other takers. Gas tax (rising), road tolls, city taxes, county taxes, state taxes, sales tax on your Wal-Mart purchases, restaurant taxes, alcohol taxes, and fees and licenses and Motor Vehicle Administration and titling and real estate transfer, and...


You get to 50% in combined taking, even as a “middle class” taxpayer when all this is accounted for!


Did your really intend a portion of your income to subsidize a federal government to pay extortion money in the name of food-aid to North Korea in a promise to behave better? We even have a program that gives your money to Russia that allows their nuclear scientists to remain engaged in funded work, so that their probability of proliferation is reduced.


Did you intend a contribution to a Department of Homeland Security obsessed with domestic surveillance of citizens by drone and E-mail monitoring? An Internal Revenue Service that is prepared to arrest you for not buying medical insurance as directed under ObamaCare? Need a federal student loan program that can now garnish your wages for defaulting on payback? Yep, YOUR money well spent!


You see, a government – any government – does not have its own money. They operate only with your money, combined with the takings from other taxpayers. Also understand that the reckless spending policy that has made us an insolvent nation will ultimately and rapidly cause a hyper-inflation... eventually. This dilution of the ability of your money to buy is the ultimate tax caused by a government without restraints.


No wonder those Second Amendment guys want to keep the good guns; it’s not all about a freedom of hunting.


Happy Tax Day, America; you earned it.


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