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April 11, 2013

How Lucky Can One Guy Get?

Patricia A. Kelly

As he out liberals the liberals, Gov. Martin O’Malley has earned his way to stardom in the Democratic Party. When I first saw him on national television on a talk show, I, a reasonable conservative, said, in a high pitched voice, “Who is he sleeping with, to be chosen as a national spokesman?”


I couldn’t imagine that this guy, who balances the state budget by robbing designated funds, could deserve to be on national television.


I was wrong. He’s been working toward success in public life since his early years, and been blessed with incredible luck.


He started out affluent, the son of an attorney who claimed to have personally seen the mushroom cloud over Hiroshima. He grew up in Bethesda, attended Gonzaga College High School and Catholic University.


Smart, handsome and financially comfortable are not all it takes to make it in the world, and this man got intelligence, too, although I don’t much see it in his choice of ideology. He does deserve credit for graduating from law school at the University of Maryland by the age of 23, and I do give him that.


How could such a handsome, intelligent guy from Bethesda, son of an attorney, no less, become such a liberal? What was he thinking? Was it the Catholicism? Something in the water? I’m quite sure his intelligence had nothing to do with it.


Maybe it was the old adage about being a Democrat in your youth being normal. I might have been one, too, but I got over it.


And why Baltimore?


How about this idea. Although he first worked, in college, for the Gary Hart campaign, he then took up with Barbara Mikulski, a not-to-be denied opportunity for a young political guy.


Maybe she said, “Hey, Marty, Baltimore is falling apart, but there’s big opportunity for you here, much greater than in your home turf, where there are lots of people like you as competition. Come to Baltimore, I’ll get you a job and an introduction to the gorgeous daughter of Joe Curran, and you’ll be in!” More luck.


His best political luck that I know of came along in his second term as governor, as he escalated his plan to become the one for 2016. He has a legislature so far to the left that he could get just about anything passed, so he did. Not only that, the census came along, so he could re-district to his heart’s content. What a blessed man.


So, to outdo the left, he managed to pass gay marriage, reduced tuition for illegal immigrant children, the strictest gun control law in the nation, and a big gas tax increase. He was able to create the most convoluted system of congressional districts in the country, and replace a long term, popular congressman, just by removing most of his constituents to another district.


Some pesky conservatives brought some of his initiatives to referendum, but, his luck holding, he got to choose the wording of the ballot items, convincing voters, for example, that his redistricting choices were in accordance with the Constitution.


You’ve got to love him, or at least stand really close to him if you think lightning is about to strike.


Can his luck hold out for another four years or so? Only five vice presidents in our history have become president without the president dying in office. That means, right now, for him to get his wish to become president, Hillary Clinton must decide not to run. We’ll see.


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