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As Long as We Remember...

September 2, 2003

Our Country's Defense and Why Democrats Can't Be Trusted

John P. Snyder

Ann Coulter is one smart lady. As a lawyer, political commentator and author, who happens to be conservative, she is unafraid to attack and dismantle one of the great myths of the last century.

Her latest tome, TREASON, has been a runaway best seller this summer, far surpassing Sen. Hillary Clinton's book. In her book, Ms. Coulter lays out - for all to see - a 50-year pattern of liberal appeasement and retreat that often sacrificed America's best interest and security.

The passage of time has now exposed the truth. The Soviets did indeed infiltrate, or tried to infiltrate, our government for spying purposes and otherwise. Liberal martyrs Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were guilty of handing over atomic bomb secrets. Alger Hiss was a communist agent working in the Roosevelt administration. The Venoma Project was successful in breaking the Soviet communications code.

It had to be done without the knowledge of the Roosevelt administration because the Army didn't trust their operatives. The Soviets had so infiltrated the Truman administration that it is said they knew about the atomic bomb before he did.

By 1948 the Cold War was in full force. While Stalin was killing millions in Siberia, Democrats in Congress rather admired him. There were enough sympathizers in the media and intellectual societies that those who called attention to the threat were looked upon as reactionary and strange.

Ms. Coulter takes aim at debunking the terribly unfair myths regarding Sen. Joe McCarthy. Liberals and Democrats were easy to spot in those days. One only had to mention his name and they would begin to froth at the mouth and spit. They hated him. Followed closely behind was Richard Nixon, then a congressman from California. To this day, when one is getting too close to the truth, he is accused of "McCarthyite tactics."

Senator McCarthy held hearings regarding the communist in the U.S. Army's rather porous security work. Many Soviets had reportedly infiltrated the inner workings. One of them was Anna Lee Moss, a black women who was called to testify. She played the role of a poor domestic worker but, in fact, she worked in the Code Room of the Pentagon. The FBI had identified her as a member of the Communist Party. She was listed in the party's records.

Her charade was successful. She mentioned that there were three Anna Lee Moss's listed in the phone book, hinting that she was the wrong one, allowing Democrats on the committee to laugh at the charge. Later it was established she was a communist agent.

For his efforts, Joe McCarthy was ridiculed and made into a monster. He fell into alcohol abuse and later died at the age of 48. His work is often confused with the work of the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee). Democrats saw nothing wrong with being a communist, which is correct, but many of them were spies. They didn't see the difference. Thank goodness some elected officials did.

Ms. Coulter then goes on to outline the liberal embrace of Castro, Mao and other communist leaders that were enemies of our country. She recounts how liberals undercut our country during Viet Nam. How they labored long and hard to thwart Ronald Reagan at every turn.

Democrats saw nothing wrong with containment and were prepared to live in such a world. Reagan could see the destruction of Communism and the end of the Cold War. Well, Democrats loved Gorbachev (recall Limbaugh's hilarious claim the liberals received "Gorbasms" when talking about him) and abhorred Reagan. Guess who was right?

Ms. Coulter spares nothing when she calls them unpatriotic. Her claim is solid because it seems Americans instinctively know to whom they can trust the nation's defense. When the Berlin Wall fell and the communist world imploded, the world seemed safe. Americans took a flier on Bill Clinton for two terms.

The 9/11 events ushered in a new kind of war against extremists who hate our guts.

Do you believe a Howard Dean, or an Al Sharpton would really defend our country to the fullest extent?

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