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April 5, 2013

Safer Sleep

Roy Meachum

Their names were on Wednesday’s News-Post front page. In a desperate grab for 2014 votes, Frederick Delegates Michael Hough and Kathy Afzali tried to “water down gun legislation.” They failed abjectly. The Democratic-controlled chamber flatly rejected their proposals.


To their credit, they didn’t hide behind the grossly exaggerated Second Amendment; they wanted specific exemptions. Their fellow legislators wouldn’t “buy” them. Mr. Hough’s bid for no fingerprints, which he claimed would create a “de facto ban on handguns, went down: 83-51.


Ms. Afzali protested the ban on the AR-15, a lightweight weapon designed for combat: my former Garand M1 weighed about 13 pounds. She said the new weapon is ideal for petite women that she certainly is. Anyway, the other members shot it down: 82-49.


She weakened her cause by admitting she doesn’t own an AR-15. It seems to me both delegates seeking supporters in the county, where conservative Democrats gave way to more conservative Republicans. National politics and blatant racism toward President Barack Obama contributed in 2010 to give local governments a right-wing slant. Last year’s elections his party regained the momentum.


It seems the GOP has become “agin,” any new idea or improved method, which I surmise worked to defeat presidential nominee George Romney and a host of other Republican candidates. Let’s face it; Abraham Lincoln’s party is stumbling in the dark, fumbling along in seeking a white man’s America, which no longer exists.


While they lost the demographic segment Mr. Lincoln brought into the voting booth with the Emancipation Proclamation, African Americans, a new wave of Latino Americans is equally turned off. The growing homosexual tide finds no comfort in the GOP. Their anti-feminist crusade deserves no comment. They remain comfortably white with an upper class mentality, unable to see down in the social strata.


Frederick County remains their stronghold, but how long will it remain?


Republicans behave so arrantly and arrogantly. As someone recently observed, “common sense” has ruled the community so long; the problem I see is that so many work elsewhere when their residences are in Frederick. Elections in 2014 will be decided on the turn-out, not the voter registration list. Some people have left their loyalties back at home, wherever home is, whether it’s in Maryland or somewhere else.


At my age, I read obituaries every morning, not surprised I’m not there, but constantly amazed at the dead moving around; the latest direction indicates Florida is the favorite place. After living in downtown Frederick for more than 30 years, I found a community to call my own. New Orleans, Germany, Washington, Italy, Virginia and Egypt once claimed my allegiance. But this is home, on North Market Street.


Still, I am baffled by local politics, especially gun ownership. As a father and grandfather, I want my family and friends to sleep safer at night.


How do arsenals make houses snugger and homelier? Men with insecure manhood I understand, and women of the same category. But then, as readers well know, I speak my mind and observations with no reservations.


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