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As Long as We Remember...

April 1, 2013

Exponential Encouragement to Flee

Steven R. Berryman

A strange convergence of events last week drew me to the inescapable conclusion that there must be a willful conspiracy in the State of Maryland to actually encourage the exodus of conservatives and patriots from the “free” state. I wish this were an April Fool’s joke.


Sampling conversations and opinions, as is my hobby (I call it “listening”), many people I respect are now seriously considering an exodus to another state. Almost any other state!


This time my sense is that they are serious, based upon the totality of the changes.


To wit:


Maryland gun bans are surely being finalized, even as the federal government’s version is decimated by more even-keeled positions, plus a need for protecting certain vulnerable Democrat lawmakers.


With the added gun-discouraging baggage, insured by Annapolis re-votes on amendments to legislation, forget owning any handgun in your lifetime (and that assumes you can pass a proficiency test, yet undefined).  The symbolic AR-15 automatic rifle is demonized even though there is not a single murder on record last year with this sports-version rifle.


Volunteer patriots will not be able to help watch over Maryland schools.


So, we satisfy a publicity agenda for an ambitious governor, instead of having political capital invested in economic improvements to the state, for example.


It would be nice if Maryland considered a revision to the “Free State” slogan to be something like “Land of the Left.”


And wait…same week:


Maryland gas taxes are increased via the force of Gov. Martin O’Malley during a time of personal bankruptcy, and high food and gas Inflation, despite incredible rates of medical bankruptcies and pervasive under-employment. This is strategy is a staggeringly regressive sin!


The obedient press repeated oft that “It’s the first gas tax increase in 20 years.” Well, it was very high 20 years ago, has not been reduced since, and is headed to $5 gallons in late 2013.


Frederick Countians are quite well aware that these tax proceeds will not return to their communities. Instead of improving I-270, for instance, they will no doubt be spent on Baltimore’s Metro, or in the insolvent City of Baltimore itself, or by supporting light rail in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.


But wait, there’s more…same week:


Maryland’s legal drivers license is now cheapened to be one of only five states that offer encouragement to Illegal immigrants to come drive here, regardless of legal entry to our fair state. This second-tier document will allow the poor, downtrodden law-breakers get to our free EMERGENCY Rooms, and our free schools without fear of arrest.


That’s only fair, right?


Maryland has, through its leadership and legislation, allowed any value to citizenship to erode. So what if you are competing against those that have not paid into the economic system, are willing to work for less, and you lose your job to illegals that wish to send their income back home.


That’s only fair, according to those we continue to elect.


Why do Marylanders not support farmers struggling, unduly constrained by runoff requirements, and developers stifled by density provisions, encroachment by lawmakers into lavatories, as in septic provisions, is dirty Maryland reality.


And now:


Conservative Maryland gun-respecting citizens, concerned with leadership that favors illegals over economic development, punishing business-friendliness with fees and hurdles, and discounting the value of citizenship, is punishing the free with a tax-and-spend-take-and-decree bureaucracy.


I am tired of my patriotic friends being encouraged to leave the State of Maryland.


They are serious this time.


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