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March 28, 2013

"The despot's heel is on the shore…"

Chris Cavey

This week marked the 379th anniversary of the founding of our state. The Maryland General Assembly continues to prove they have no understanding of our rich patriotic history passing legislation, which defies our liberties and continue to oppress our citizens.


"His torch is at the temple door, Maryland, My Maryland."


Gov. Martin O'Malley's legislative agenda threatens our economy and the lifestyle of our citizens, especially the poor, as the continuation of tax increases evolve from almost every piece of his signature legislation, everything from spending our dollars on expensive unproven energy projects to misappropriating transportation funds.


Maryland will soon be the only state with an inflationary gas tax. If Governor O'Malley has his way, we will be paying 10 cents more per gallon of gas, and the gas tax will be indexed to inflation – likely never to decrease, especially in economic hard times. The funds are targeted toward public transportation, which is the least used and least cost effective transportation mode. However, it is the primary means of transportation of the non-working poor – O'Malley's targeted voter.


The working poor, his other main demographic, will be hurt the most by the gasoline tax. Increasing the cost of commuting to a job is the same as having a salary reduction mandated by the state. Rather than be a champion of the working poor as Martin O'Malley purports to be, he is fooling them by taking hard earned cash out of their pockets – as are all legislators who voted for such a tax.


"Avenge the patriotic gore that flecked the streets of Baltimore."


There must come a time where citizens wake up and realize that O'Malley's Democrat-led government is out of control. Spending must stop! The choking of small businesses must stop! And infringing on Constitutional rights must stop, too!


Maryland's citizens must soon understand we have reached the bottom and our Maryland economy is being held together by the fact we are dependent on government subsidies.


Eventually those subsidies will have no funding source as businesses die and more of the working poor are forced into the classification of non-working poor. One day the poorest of urban neighborhoods will rise up against those who have fooled them into dependency for so many years.


"And be the battle queen of yore. Maryland, my Maryland."


The citizens of our state have a rich history. We have fought and defended Maryland soil since our beginning. We are people who held the line and even fought brother-to-brother in wars. The next battle, however, will not be one fought with muskets or other firearms – that battle will be economic and the enemy from within.


When the Ark and Dove set sail on November 22, 1633, for the long voyage to a land promised by charter from King Charles I, there were people with a variety of skills and backgrounds on board. They had been offered by Cecilius Calvert free land, religious freedom and a year's worth of supplies. They came to build a colony away from tyranny, taxation and government regulation.


The site at St. Clement's Island was described by Father Andrew White thusly:


"Never had I beheld a larger, more beautiful river." They disembarked from the ships and gave thanks to God.”


He later wrote:


"Since, however, the island contains only four hundred acres, we saw that it would not afford room enough for the new settlement, [we went] about nine leagues from St. Clement, [and] sailed into the mouth of a river, on the north side of the Potomac [now St. Mary's River] capable of containing three hundred ships of the largest size...We landed...and going in about a mile from the shore, we laid out the plan of a city, naming it after St. Mary. And in order to avoid every appearance of injustice, and afford opportunity for hostility, we bought from the [Indian] King thirty miles of land."


Our history shows we were founded on many principles… none of which were government centric or in disregard of neither man nor God.


Perhaps a prerequisite to public office in our state should be the knowledge of the Constitution of the United States and of our wonderful Maryland heritage.


Maryland! My Maryland!


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