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March 15, 2013

The Quality of America’s Cardinals

Harry M. Covert

In light of recent international events, I confess here and now that my favorite Cardinals have always been Americans. First is a favorite son of Donora, PA, and the other from Boston, MA. There is a third American now on my list, but more about that later.


Each of these Cardinals are examples of quality individuals who have made differences in the lives of all they touch. These talents have been easily forgotten in these times of alleged progressiveness. Social turmoil bubbles everywhere we turn in Maryland, Virginia and the Nation’s Capital.


Community leaders and politicians may think they have the answers with all kinds of laws. But, they don’t.


It’s easy to wonder and consider if modern citizens can or will survive in the long-term. I am a firm believer in the powers of hope, determination and a fact that the majority of people are good, smart and won’t allow the meanness and ignorance out there on the streets to become the status quo. It’s a tough job, though.


One of the joys of freedom is a free press. I know sometimes those doing the writing and editing go off half-cocked, especially when we disagree. The free flow of ideas guarantees that such freedom is priceless.


The only Cardinal I know from Pennsylvania is the late Stan Musial, baseball Hall of Famer, harmonica player and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Not only was Mr. Musial a truly great athlete, he was a truly great person of high personal values. Never a taint of untoward conduct, never ejected from a game and never argued over a strike.


Mr. Musial died at 92 on January 13 this year. His prestigious medal came in 2011.


My second favorite Cardinal is Stephen Fermoyle. The Boston Roman Catholic priest created from the pen of Henry Morton Robinson. In his book, The Cardinal, Father Fermoyle’s career began as a lowly curate and advanced to the College of Cardinals.

This fictional story was published in 1950. The author must have been prescient. In my mind Mr. Robinson created the 266th Pope 63 years ago in the character of Stephen Fermoyle.


The former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires, sure seems ready, able and willing to straighten out the mess embroiling his church.


Cardinal Fermoyle faced all of the challenges of a young man in his religious experience. His personal battles over a priestly lifestyle and how he maintained his principles and character are evident today.


Maryland is known as a Catholic state and must be rejoicing with the rest of the Americas, both north and south, and around the world. A new day has come. No doubt major changes are en route, a healthier atmosphere is just around the corner.


As a non-Catholic, the new look of the Holy See effects Christians of all denominations. Churches, leaders and members who besmirch values they say they hold dear will be watching.


Viva il Papa, Stan the Man and Stephen Fermoyle.


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